PE&D SLO Loop Closure Meeting Information:


1) Course groups discuss assessment skills results as they pertain to SLO's.

2) Course groups discuss exit survey results as they pertain to SLO's.

3) Revisions to process? Revisions to teaching methodology? Revisions to assessments? Revisions to SLO's?

4) Fill out Sections 3 and 4 on original course SLO form. Please highlight any revisions.

5) Save completed form as a .doc file on computer (note directory as to where it is being saved to) and email that form --as an attachment to Sean (
This will now complete the entire SLO assessment cycle for the semester and give us revised tools to teach with for the next semester.

6) If any new courses were recently approved by the CC (especially for repeatability) a course SLO form needs to be created for these new courses too.

Needed forms:

1) Skills assessment final data matrix --click here.

2) Exit survey data matrix --click here.

3) Locate your course's SLO here (after finding it, click on it and select Save as) and have one person in your group type in the data into columns 3 and 4, save as an .doc file and note to where it is being saved to. Then email that file to Sean as an attachment.