CCSF Fitness Center


Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to use the Fitness center to satisfy the 2 unit requirement?

Plan on visiting the Fitness center for a workout, at least 2 times a week.  At least 25 visits per semester (12 for Summer session) are required for credit in the class.

Can I come at different times, on different days of the week?

Yes, it is designed for drop-in attendance, the computer will keep track of your visits.

Can I take the class Credit/No-Credit?

Yes.  The only grade that a student will receive is “Pass/No Pass”.  There are no letter grades given for P.E. 200.

Why is it 2 units, can I take it for 1 unit?

It is required that you attend more than 2 times per week, which is the normal 1 unit requirement. Summer session of P.E. 200 is only 1 unit.

What type of equipment will be in the Fitness center?

23 Life Fitness strength systems and
38 cardio systems, for example; treadmills, recumbent bikes, stair masters, and elliptical cross trainers.

I have already taken PE 200 B, C and the registration process will not allow me to sign up for it again.  What should I do?
You may sign up for PE 200 D or E. Or you may also sign up for the Fitness Center through Continuing Education.

I am enrolled in the class but have not attended the orientation, can I still use the fitness center?

Not yet. All users (students, faculty, staff, and members of the community new and continuing) must complete a Fitness Center orientation before fitness center use can begin.  The schedule is posted on this web site and in the Fitness Center.

I am currently enrolled in another P.E./Dance /Swim class. Is it possible to use the center?

Not unless you are additionally registered for P.E. 200/201.  All students, faculty, and staff who use the center must be enrolled in the class (P.E. 200 or 201 respectively) and have completed the appropriate Fitness Center orientation.

I am a member of the community and would like to use the Fitness Center however I do not want to enroll in the class.  What should I do?

You will then have to enroll in our Community Ed. Lap Swim/Fitness Center program (via Continuing Education).  You will also need to complete an orientation (as all others do).  The orientation schedule is listed on this web site.

I am already enrolled in PE 200 (201-faculty/staff or the CE course) but have missed the orientation dates, what can I do?  Should I drop the course?

No worries.  You do not need to drop the course.  Since you are already enrolled in the appropriate course simply complete the online orientation

Options for using the Fitness Center (up to 4 credit courses that you may take #’s 1-4 each, one time):

1) PE 200 B or C -Super Circuit (take this first) Then,
2) PE 200 D -Super Cardio
3) PE 200 E -Super Strength
4) PE 202 -Interactive Fitness (Online)
5) Continuing Education -CE 500 (zero units)
-Faculty/Staff PE 201
-Community Pass (not available to the general public)

Do you offer personal training services?

Unfortunately we do not offer personal training services.  However, there is an instructor on duty who would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.
We also have many resources available that should help you get started.  Look under the Downloads & Docs link for related materials and videos.
We normally have around 3,000 students enrolled each semester with only one instructor per hour.