Workshops, Orientations and Individualized Training

Request a workshop or orientation for your class, for yourself, for your language group. If you would like a workshop on something not listed here,  please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate all requests.

To reserve (415) 452-5555. Specify the workshop, orientation or training you would like. If you are requesting a class orientation, let us know the level of your class and designate any services or materials you require (e.g., student computers on, textbook supplements demonstrated, etc.).

More About the Language Center Classroom for Language Faculty 

Emphasis on what you would like to learn about the Electronic Classroom and its equipment: DVD players (regional and non-regional formats), VCR, video presentation stand, laser disc player, instructor PC and laptop hook-up.  

Introduction to the CCSF Language Center's Online Library of Foreign Language Film Clips
Obtain access to this exciting new resource for faculty and students.

Introduction to Web 2.0 Resources for Language Teachers 

This introductory workshop presents an overview of online resources for language teachers and their students.

NJStar WP 4.3, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and other Chinese Language-learning Software (e.g., Pinyin Master)

An introduction to NJStar, a Chinese-language word processing software, other Chinese word-processing software, web resources and email.

Language Center Resources for ASL, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Pilipino, Russian and Spanish

An introduction to the materials available in the Language Center for each language. Please specify the level that interests you. Bring your classes! 

Individualized Workshops and Training

Custom-tailor a workshop for your individual interests.

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