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Click here to access the Spring 2013 Learning Center (R207) German tutoring schedule.

Click here to access the Deutsch: Na Klar! blog by CCSF German faculty member Dr. Leslie Pahl.
Click here to access Frau Hoelscher’s audio drop box page for student recording.

The Language Mixxer is a free educational website for language exchange (i.e., locating a German conversation partner to exchange German for English) via Skype. Ask your instructor to sign up your class!

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International Language Programs


Deutsch: Na klar!, 5th edition and 6th edition, has helpful on-line tools to accompany the texts. Check out the “Activity Pack” (upper lefthand side of the screen) under “Course-Wide Content” or use the drop-down menu to navigate by chapter. You'll find various activities, including self-correcting practice quizzes, cultural links and more.

Check out the Stationen: Ein Kursbuch für die Mittelstufe student companion website.

CCSF German instructor Leslie Pahl has compiled chapter-by-chapter (1-7) quizzes and exercises to accompany Deutsch: Na Klar!

Chat auf Deutsch! Chat in real time with native German speakers at the University of Giessen.

German Steps is a BBC on-line program with sound and video files, cultural information, and practical conversations for listening and speaking comprehension.

Deutsch Plus is a series of multimedia activities for beginners.

Who wants to be a millionaire? Test your knowledge of German culture with this fun, self-correcting quiz (in English).

Lindenstrasse is a long-running German series (since 1985!) that can now be viewed online. Watch, listen, and enjoy!

Conjugate German verbs and track your progress with graded, customizable conjugation exercises. Now there’s an easy way of drilling “ich lerne, du lernst, er/sie/es lernt.” In addition, under “Activities,” click on ”German Vocab” (by book) and scroll down to find Deutsch: Na Klar! You’ll find activities such as crossword puzzles, hangman, and memory and word search games each custom-written to correspond with each Kapitel.

The Sounds of German. Visit this website from the University of Iowa and prepare to be amazed! See how German is spoken phonetically. If you’ve ever struggled with the umlaut , this is the place for you.

Check out Forvo for pronunciation help in all languages.

Here’s an online dictionary from the Technische Universität Chemnitz with 354,000 + German/English/German translations, including context examples, synonyms, sound files for each word, word lists for special themes and German and American pronunciations created by native speakers.

The Pons Dictionary series is one of the most detailed international dictionaries and high-quality language tools on the web. In addition to excellent dictionaries provides a free web service to help students with challenging German grammar and translating entire texts.

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Go Google auf Deutsch!

Or Yahoo! Deutschland


Das Deutschland Portal is Germany’s official website, offering comprehensive links to German information on the Internet.

Facts about Germany is a comprehensive site to answer your questions about the country, its history, culture, legal system, economy, and much more.

The German Resources Catalog is compiled by the Goethe Institute in New York. It provides information on where to order German books and other materials in the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, there is an overview of suppliers of videos and magazines.

The German Way. Enter the German Zone (Vorsicht!), a well-organized site for books, schools, travel, links, and photos.

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Why not start with the Hauptstadt? Berlin’s official site is full of links to all corners of the great city.

Berlinonline is the place for information on culture, travel, leisure, and sports.

Hamburg is a cosmopolitan city in Northern Germany. Visit it next time you’re in Germany! It’s where the Beatles got their start!

Cologne. Known to German speakers as Köln, it’s a happening place.

Munich (München) isn’t just about the Oktoberfest.

German also spoken here!

Austria. There’s more to Austria than Edelweis, Strudel and Kaffee mit Schlag.

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Christmas in German-Speaking Europe

Click here to view a short video on the wonders of the German Christmas markets. At this site you can also click on links to view various markets from around Germany.

Everything you wanted to know about Christmas in German-speaking countries. Discover the truth about the Christmas pickle. Then take an on-line test to check your new-found knowledge!


Looking for a quark maker? A garden dwarf? Look no further for those must-have German items!


A German sense of humor? Na, klar! Check out this website to find out more about it!

German Etiquette

25 etiquette tips to find out what’s appropriate and what’s not. Do the right thing!

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Goethe Institute

The Goethe Institute is a world-wide promoter of the German language offering numerous resources for students of German. Check the website for scheduled events such as art exhibits, movies, lectures. For language learners, check out the online exercises under "Language Learning."

German Consulate General (San Francisco)

German Dining in San Francisco and the East Bay

In San Francisco: Try the Suppenküche at Laguna and Hayes for fine German fare in surroundings inspired by a Bavarian monastery. For some “East German” specialities, hammer on into the Walzwerk, south of Market. And don’t forget to try some “cold dog” (kalter Hund) for dessert!? And on Folsom at 20th there’s Schmidt’s, offering such specialities as Zungenwurst and Sülze, as well as baked cheese Spätzle for vegetarians. Wash everything down with a hearty selection of German beers! Prosit!

If you’re in the East Bay, the Speisekammer in Alameda, owned by the folks at Süppenküche, serves up lots of Gemütlichkeit. New to the East Bay in Berkeley is Gaumenkitzel, offering fresh, local, and seasonal cooking and baking with a North-German twist.

Conversation Groups and Clubs

San Francisco German Language Party meets on Tuesdays from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Please be a non-smoker.

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Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD)

(German Academic Exchange Service)

DAAD is one of the largest academic exchange programs in the world. Additionally, it awards scholarships, sponsors German and European studies programs at its DAAD centers (there is one at UC Berkeley), and generally promotes “change through exchange.”

Deutsche Kultur International (German Culture International) offers information on projects and programs that promote international academic, youth, and artistic exchanges.


Discover Germany is an informative and helpful site from the German government that answers practical questions about studying and living in Germany and more.

The German National Tourist Board is part of the German Foreign Ministry. It offers many tips on planning a trip to Germany.

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Radio and Television

Find sources for on-line viewing and listening here.

Deutsche Welle (television and radio) comes direct to you from Deutschland with all sorts of resources for listening and viewing. For language learners, there are various podcasts available such as “Slowly Spoken News Updates,” “Alltagsdeutsch” (fun reports about life in Germany along with manuscripts), and “Sprachbar” (headlines, figures of speech, grammar, all explained).

Listen to German language broadcasts and pop/rock music to practice your listening comprehension skills.

Radio Goethe is a Goethe Institute-sponsored weekly radio program. Here the latest in German pop/rock/techno music. San Francisco’s own KUSF is one of Radio Goethe’s broadcast stations.


The Tagesschau is one of Germany’s leading national evening news program. See video clips of late-breaking news in Germany.

Newspapers and Magazines

Bild Zeitung. The easily accessible language makes this a good newspaper for beginners.

Focus is MSN’s German on-line newspaper.

Stern is a popular illustrated weekly.

Der Spiegel is Germany’s answer to Time magazine, but written at a New York Times level. Vorsicht: for advanced learners!


German Cinema features information on film festivals, news releases, archives, and a virtual magazine with all the latest on German cinema.

Find out about the German-Hollywood connection here.

Berlin’s Berlinale is one of Europe’s premier film festivals.

Updated: 02/25/2013

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