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Click here for the current French tutoring schedule in the Learning Assistance Center (R-207)

Click here to access Le Cercle Français de CCSF Facebook page.

Click here to go to French links selected by CCSF French professor Françoise Navarro.

Writing and Reference Tools

Language-Learning Links
  • Click here to access Lyrics Training, an easy and fun method to learn and improve your foreign languages skills through the music videos and lyrics of your favorite songs.

  • Click here to check out Professor Renée Morel’s daily informative and entertaining bite-size posts on Franco culture on her FrancoFun page (in French) on Facebook. (For intermediate- to advanced-level students.)

  • Study French online through City College of San Francisco.

Textbook Sites
  • French On-line Grammar Quiz to accompany Allons-y. Created by CCSF French instructor Carol Reitan.

  • Web Exercises to accompany Allons-y created by CCSF French instructor Carol Reitan.

  • Horizons, 5th Edition, iLrn™, a premium publisher’s site that includes an e-book and other resources.

  • Free Horizons, 5th Edition, Study Tools: Check out the self-correcting “Tutorial Quiz” feature. Navigate to the desired chapter by clicking the arrows next to “Select Chapter” in the upper lefthand corner of the screen.

  • Free Séquences, 1st Edition, Study Tools: Try out the self-correcting “Web Quiz” feature for each chapter! Navigate to the desired chapter from the “Select a chapter...” drop-down menu in the upper lefthand corner of the screen.

  • Séquences, 2nd Edition, iLrn™, a premium publisher’s site that includes an e-book and other resources.

  • Supplementary exercises to accompany The French Experience. Here you’ll find links to video, audio, interactive exercises, and more.
Other Language-Learning Sites
  • Phonetique helps students of any level of French learn independently or with a teacher in the classroom; for example, work on the difference between “ou” and u, or try some fun tongue twisters! This site is recommended by CCSF French instructor Isabelle Motamedi.

  • Forvo offers pronunciation help in all languages.

  • Basic Pronunciation contains links to pages where you can hear the alphabet, the days of the week, months of the year, etc.

  • Français Interactif from the University of Texas, Austin. A first-year course with lots of video material featuring U of T-Austin students studying abroad in Lyon.

  • French Grammar Central is the most complete list of French grammar sites on the web.

  • Tapis Volant is appropriate for beginners (French 1A or 1B) and continues for students as they advance. It consists of a cartoon story with audio (transcript is available for those who want it) and activities that go along with material presented in the cartoon story.

  • BBC presents a series for beyond beginners level, French 1B or 10B. Ma France presents 24 interactive video units from various areas of France, interviewing native speakers in a variety of professions. Transcripts and translations, as well as activities, supplement each video.

  • See the picture, read the text, hear the pronunciation. Alphabet, numbers, many categories of vocabulary. A wonderful resource. Click here for the companion French grammar guide.

  • Lexique - FLE offers thematic lessons with sound and exercises. Great!

  • Real French from Manchester Metropolitan University in England. Check the message boards for students of French; France Virtuelle (view relevant links and answer questions about the Metro, movies, music and shopping); vocabulary games; includes an abundance of useful grammar exercises.

  • Tex's French Grammar from the University of Texas, Austin. This site has it all! Grammar explanations, exercises, sound files, and humor. Check it out.

  • Le VTI-Bruges visite Paris may benefit French 2+ students most, but others in French 1 and 10 will like the Paris “tour.”

French Search Engines/Moteurs de recherche
Le Français à San Francisco
  • L’Alliance Française. Check the events section for films and for Rendez-Vous Littéraires, some featuring CCSF student (and AF prof) David Rafoni.

  • Bay Area Francophile List. Subscribe to this list to receive a list of all the Bay Area events for francophiles. Very complete. Edited by CSU Sonoma professor Suzanne C. Toczyski.

  • Le Café Musée. Le Café Musée meets regularly on Saturdays throughout the academic year. Enjoy coffee and other treats as you engage in lively discussions about art and history and meet other CCSF students of French with various levels of fluency. Check here for upcoming events.

  • Consulat Général de France de San Francisco


Pen Pals/Correspondents/Conversation
  • FranceWorld

  • The Language Mixxer is a free educational website for language exchange (i.e., locating a French conversation partner to exchange French for English) via Skype. Ask your instructor to sign up your class!
  • Chat at
Print resources
Radio, TV, Video
  • France24 has 24-hour news reports from business, politics, and culture, with video clips; also in English and in Arabic.

  • Beelinetv offers selected broadcasts from various French-language television programs from France to Guyana and Martinique!

  • LangMedia - French in France offers videos of native speakers organized by the following categories: basic communications; culture and social life; necessities; shopping and services; and transportation.

  • LangMedia - French Combined Index offers video clips of native French speakers in Canada, Martinique, Morocco, Senegal, and Luxembourg organized into the same above categories. A wonderful resource!

  • - Toute l'actualité cinéma sur internet. Find out what films are currently playing in France. Choose “Bandes-Annonces” to see a list of movie trailers en français!

  • Choose a French TV channel: France2, France3, France4, or France5.

  • French radio, television, music, podcasts and more

  • Radio Canada


Points de départ

Some of the best organized and most complete French resources:

  • Château de Versailles is the official site of the Château de Versailles!

  • Les Pages de Paris

  • Les Photos de Villes (Les Pages jaunes) Enter an address, then see a photo of the place! Really neat. See photos of Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Lille, Nice, Marseille, or Toulouse. Une ville, une adresse, une photo, et un plan!

  • Paris is the official site of the Ville de Paris.

  • La Tour Eiffel is the official site of the Eiffel Tower.


D’autres pays francophones
  • Afrique francophone is an excellent collection of links to sites in and about Francophone Africa from Lehman College. You’ll find print, sound, and video resources, general and organized by country.

  • Agence de la Francophonie is the official organization of the 49 francophone countries

  • French Guiana has resources from LANIC.

  • MontréalCAM offers many views of Montréal.

  • Venez Voir Le Sénégal is an exploration of the Francophone world developed by Colby professors and technologists. This website centers around six short video clips shot in and around Dakar, narrated in French with links to French transcriptions. You will need the free Quicktime Player installed on your machine to view the clips.

  • Vieux Montréal

  • Jeu de l'Oie Apprendre le français en s'amusant. Learn French while you play fun games including among other topics art, grammar, phonetics and a mystery.

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