Precita Eyes Muralists, 1999
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About the IDST Department Mission

  • Promote and develop innovative interdisciplinary approaches to the curriculum.

  • Provide quality courses and programs that meet the needs of City College’s diverse population of learners, including the study of ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, social class, ability/disability, age and religion.

  • Integrate the expertise of various departments of City College of San Francisco to maximize and expand the appeal and relevance of IDST course offerings.

  • Manage the multimedia studies program (MMSP) for students who seek employment in this high-tech field and, in particular, provide courses needed for students to complete the four, two-year semester certificates and two fast-track certificates.

  • Provide courses for students to transfer to other colleges or universities, to meet graduation requirements, and to serve general education goals.

  • Provide an open door for faculty and departments to identify and satisfy new educational needs of students and their potential employers.