Ga = Billion years ago
Ma = Million years ago
Ka = Thousand years ago

BASEMENT -- Fossil Gallery
Welcome Banner
Stellar Spire Panel
Dimetrodon Fossil
Introduction to the Exhibit
Elephant Footprint Fossil
Mammoth or Mastodon Panel
Local CA Marine Fossils
Mosasaur Tooth Mural
Contributors Panel
Exhibit Layout Poster
Footprints Banner
What is A Fossil? Poster
Ichthyosaur+ Fossil
Plesiosaur Fossil
Dinosaur Footprints Fossil
Side Visit: S45 Rocks/Minerals
Dilophosaurus Fossil
Xiphactinus (Big Fish) Fossil
Rock Clock Panel
It's All Relative Panel
Eocene Whales Mural

BASEMENT -- The Walk Begins
13.7 Ga to 4.0 Ga

Big Bang Panel -- 13.7 Ga
Max Planck Photo
Universe Lets Light Shine Panel
Einstein Photo
Galaxy Era Panel -- 12.7 Ga
Hubble Ultra Deep Field Poster
Galaxies Poster
Universe Poster
Periodic Table Poster
Solar System Panel -- 5 Ga
Scaled Solar System Poster
The Sun Poster -- 4.6 Ga
The Aurora Poster
The Earth Poster -- 4.6 Ga
Meteorites Poster
Remnants of the Past Panel
Meteorite Samples
Earth's Structure Poster
Earth Forms Panel -- 4.6 Ga
Moon Forms Panel -- 4.5 Ga
Moon Poster
Scaled Earth Layers Poster
Earth Layer Rock Samples
Early Atmosphere Panel
Oldest Crust Panel -- 4.4 Ga
Oceans Form Panel -- 4.4 Ga
Curtain Rises on Life Panel
Earth's Surface Today Poster

PART II: First Floor (Physics)
North to South
4.0 Ga to 1 Ga

Plate Tectonics Panel
Convection Currents Panel
Layers of Earth Panel
Kinds of Plates Panel
Plate Boundaries Panel
Tectonics Thru Time Panel
Side Visit: Earthquake Hall
Side Visit: Physics Hall
Geologic Time Poster
Oldest Life Panel -- 3.8 Ga
First Life Spark Panel -- 3.8 Ga
Stromatolites Panel -- 3.5 Ga
The Great Rust Storm Panel
Iron & Stromatolite Fossils
Eukaryotes Panel -- 2.7 Ga
Green Planet Panel -- 1.4 Ga
Green Planet ERRATA Panel
Rodinia Panel -- 1.2 Ga

PART III: 2nd Floor (Chemistry)
South to North
1 Ga to 245 Ma

Ediacaran Garden Panel
Soft Body, Hard Body Panel
Old Softies Panel
The Hard Facts Panel -- 600 Ma
Trilobite Fossils
Brachiopod Fossils
Nautiloids Panel -- 550 Ma
Ammonite Fossils
Blueprint For Backbones Panel
Vertebrates Panel -- 520 Ma
Insects & Crustaceans Panel
Pacific Plate Subducts Panel
Land Plants Panel -- 430 Ma
Jaws Panel -- 430 Ma
Feet on Land Panel -- 425 Ma
Lungs Panel -- 400 Ma
White Death Panel
Skin and Bones Panel
From Fins To Limbs Panel
Something Fishy Panel
A New Leaf Panel -- 370 Ma
Fuel Forests Panel + Coal Bits
Swamp Mural -- 360 to 300 Ma
Winging It Panel -- 300 Ma
Amniotic Eggs Panel -- 300 Ma
A Hole In the Skull Panel
Seeds of Change Panel
Largest Mass Extinction Panel
Flood Basalt Extinctions Panel
Age of the Dinosaurs! Poster

PART IV: Third Floor (Biology)
North to South
245 Ma to Today

Going To Seed Panel-- 240 Ma
Pterosaurs Panel -- 240 Ma
Upright Dinosaurs Panel
Footprints & Tracks Panel
The Look of Dinosaurs Panel
Amphibians Panel -- 230 Ma
Pangaea Panel -- 225 Ma
Crocodilians Panel -- 220 Ma
Giant Sauropods Panel
Birds Are Dinosaurs Panel
Mammals Panel -- 145 Ma
Dinosaur Teeth Panel
Deinonychus -- Claw Panel
Dinosaurs in the Forest Panel
Mosasaurs Panel -- 100 Ma
Triceratops Panel, Fossil Tooth
Maiosaura: Good Mother Panel
Tyrannosaurus Rex Panel
Dinosaur Forest Mural
It's All Relative Panel
End Of The Line Panel -- 65 Ma
Flood Basalt Extinctions Panel
New Birds & Mammals Panel
Age of Mammals Poster
Monkey Puzzle Panel -- 63 Ma
Sea of Grass Panel + Sample
Grass Eaters Panel + Sample
Return to Sea Panel -- 50 Ma
California Cat Panel -- 50 Ma
Early Rhinos Panel -- 40 Ma
San Andreas Panel -- 25 Ma
Ice Ages Panel -- 1.6 Ma
SF Bay Forms Panel -- 400 Ka
Land Bridge Panel -- 12 Ka
San Francisco Estuary Panel --
1800s to Today
Life Elsewhere? Panel

Cosmic Calendar Poster --
13.7 Ga to Today


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