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U.C. Berkeley's Museum of Paleontology -- exhibits on Understanding Science, History of Life, and Understanding Evolution

The content of this project is based on the work and writings of many scientists and educators:

  • Geologic History of Washington State -- Burke Museum
  • Geologic History of Rhode Island -- Jamestown, Rhode Island Visitor Information
  • Rodinia --
  • Rodinia -- NGU - Geodynamics -- Norges geologiske undersokellse -- Torsvik Trond
  • Educational Multimedia Visualization Center -- U.C. Santa Barbara

    EARLY EARTH HISTORY (Back to top)
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    • New Evidence Suggests Early Oceans Bereft Of Oxygen For Eons; Early Life May Have Lived Very Differently Than Life Today
    • Liquid Water At Earth's Surface 4.3 Billion Years Ago, Scientists Discover
    • Early Earth Likely Had Continents, Was Habitable, According To New Study
    • Oldest Known Rocks On Earth Discovered: 4.28 Billion Years Old
  • Google Earth Location of Jack Hills, WA
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  • University of Michigan -- Global Change Curriculum -- Evolution of the Atmosphere: Composition, Structure and Energy
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    EARLY LIFE EVOLUTION (Back to top)
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    CALIFORNIA (Back to top)
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    OTHER/ALL (Back to top)
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