Thank you for your interest in helping with the Walk Through The Story of Time and Life a permanent exhibit, free and open to the public in the Science Building at the main campus of City College of San Francisco (and accessible worldwide through our website).

There are lots of ways to help!

To donate time, services, or materials, please contact
(and take a look below at our plans and needs.)

This project is actively seeking financial donations and sponsorships for the preservation and improvement of our exhibit. Our goal is to raise $50,000.
(Donors and sponsors to be acknowledged on a plaque in our Fossil Gallery).

If you are considering making a financial donation, you can do so by following this process:

  • Write a check payable to "CCSF Time Life Fund." Enter the fund name and number in the Reference portion of your check Time Life Fund #750523.
  • Write a letter, giving your name, address, and intention of how you would like the funds used. Make sure to include the fund name and number again.
  • Address and mail the letter to:
      Rebeca Chavez -- CCSF Bursar
      50 Phelan Ave., Mailbox E103
      San Francisco, CA 94014
  • Or you can bring your donation in person to the Bursar's Office, in Conlan Hall Room 104. (Be sure to have a letter as described above, so that funds get deposited in the right place."

All donations to this fund go directly to the exhibit and are tax deductible.
San Francisco Community College District is a qualified Institution of Higher Education and your donation is tax deductible under IRS code section 170 ( c ) and Tax Payer ID 94 1721925.

This exhibit was produced through hard work and the cooperative efforts of volunteers throughout the City College and San Francisco community. Its construction and installation were funded through a number of funds within City College. All its samples, fossils, murals, and the majority of its panels were donated to City College. All design work, writing, and construction were completed by City College students and faculty. It is an exhibit that spans the content and hallways of all the Science and Engineering Departments in the college.

This exhibit covers a topic that receives varying degrees of attention and often incorrect understanding in certain parts of our city, state, country, and world. It is universal in its appeal and constant in its relevance. This exhibit also unique to the Bay Area as there are currently no other locations where the public can see fossil dinosaurs or engage in this important story. Please help us preserve this exhibit and tell this story!

For more information about our financial needs and interests, please download our written proposal.


We would love help with this project! We can use manual labor, artistry, and creativity -- ideas, time, or materials! Here are some of the things we'd like (and need) to do in the future:
  • Protect and preserve the exhibit fossils and panels
  • Update our existing content with new discoveries and research.
  • Purchase and install a video monitor and DVD player for the Fossil Gallery
  • Aquire a large METEORITE sample to add to our walk and which students can touch!
  • Purchase and install more fossils and other samples (or obtain on loan from local museums such as the California Academy of Sciences)
  • Purchase and install better lighting along display (including UV-block covers for fluorescent bulbs)
  • Elevate the Dimetrodon Fossil on a pedestal
  • Design and install more interactive exhibits along the walk
  • Develop and print guides and activities for tour groups
  • Develop a student-led tour program, especially for local high schools
  • Maintain and keep our web pages up to date (or even just general website improvement).

Contact for more information
(indicate in what areas you want to help).

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