These Dinosaur Footprints were brought to CCSF in the 1940s by the first Geology Instructor at CCSF, George Green. The fossil was found in a quarry near the mouth of the Connecticut River, in Connecticut and transported to CCSF on the roof of his car. They were made by an unidentified species of bipedal dinosaur during the Triassic age (245-208 million years ago). The footprints are preserved in rocks of the Newark Series -- layers of stream and lake deposits with interbedded volcanics. These footprints are highlighted with varnish and currently installed in the Earth Science Lab Room (S45) in the basement of the Science Building. Learn more about fossilizing footprints (Good Impressions).

Approximate dimensions: H:3 W:3 D:6"; The piece weighs approximately 100 lbs

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