Testimonials from Students

The Drug and Alcohol Certificate Program at City College of San Francisco has been a godsend. Not only does it fulfill a much-needed niche in our community, that of low cost intensive training in this field, but it also brings together an incredibly diverse population of compassionate and caring practitioners, educators, faculty and students. I have learned so much from this program, both personally and professionally, that I would strongly recommend it to any one interested in entering this field.
-William Campanello

The subject matter is presented in a way that those that are new to the field can understand it. All of the teachers are great. They work with you to insure your continued improvement.
-Mark Miner, graduate 2001

The Drug & Alcohol Certificate at City College of San Francisco is a comprehensive program that offers a hands-on curriculum. This has served as a catalyst for my becoming a more proficient counselor.
-Oscar Macias, graduate 2001

I enjoyed the classes (some more than others) provided in the Drug & Alcohol Certificate. The knowledge gained has been put into practice in my work, as well as provided me with the appropriate tools to better understand the population that we serve. I also made two very special friends and had a lot of fun together.
-Maria Luisa Osacar, graduate 2001

The Drug & Alcohol Certificate program has provided me with a lot of opportunities for the field of substance abuse. The learning gained through the classes as well as the excellent instructors have been extremely powerful. The overall program has fully enhanced my counseling skills as well as open many doors to job opportunities. This program has empowered me to continue with my future educational goals.
-Tamara Orzynski, graduate 2001

I have one class left in the Drug & Alcohol Certificate and the teachers have been fabulous. I feel confident that I'm prepared to obtain employment in this field.
-Anonymous Student

I am grateful to be one of the first to graduate from the Drug & Alcohol Certificate. This program has given me the confidence to take the knowledge that I have to the people who need it most. The staff is very knowledgeable.
-Anonymous Student