Community Health Worker Certificate Program
Admissions Procedures:

Part I - Admission into CHW Certificate Program

1) Applicants must complete the following prerequisites to be eligible for admissions into the program.

The prerequisites are:

* A written application with recommendations.
* Completion of Health 59 with a grade of “C” or better, OR documented CHW work experience from their supervisor.

2) Completed applications are due during the time indicated on the application letter and are accepted during this period only.  Forty applicants are accepted per year for the fall period.

3) No waiting list will be kept, so applicants that are not accepted will need to reapply the following year.

4) If student was previously accepted into the program but dropped, the student will have to reapply for acceptance into the program.

5) Applicants are selected based on there application, work experience, recommendations, and/or essay.  There is no interview of applicants, but an orientation meeting will be hosted in April.  This meeting Is highly recommended  as program staff can counsel students about the program and the application process.

The above procedures were reviewed and accepted by the City College of San Francisco lawyers and were determined to be fair and non-discriminatory.

Part II - CCSF Admissions

1) In addition to being accepted into the CHW Certificate Program, students must also complete the Application for Admissions to City College of San Francisco.  Process before the student is able to register for classes.


CHW Application Application Checklist Health 59 Waiver CCSF Application