Susana Hennessey-Lavery

Susana Hennessey-Lavery is a Health Educator with the San Francisco
Department of Public Health, Tobacco Free Project.  She is responsible for
assisting in the development and implementation of the comprehensive
tobacco control plan.  This includes training, contract development and
management, and development of advocacy and community capacity building
projects to assist youth/adult advocates in affecting environmental change
at local and global levels with regards to the activities of the tobacco
transnational companies.  The Capacity Building Process involves assisting
community advocates in acquiring the skills to collectively identify a
tobacco control issue and design and implement action research (community
diagnosis), as well as to take action to change their environment through
policy development.  Finally, she has assisted in the development of a San
Francisco Global Policy Framework  which, since 1996, has involved San
Francisco in the international tobacco control movement.

Susana participates on the San Francisco Food Alliance, the Good Neighbor
Advisory Council and the Bay Area Committee of Vision y Compromiso, a
statewide network of promotores/community health workers.

Previous to her position at the Department of Public Health, Ms. Hennessey
worked for 13 years as a Community Health Educator and coordinated the Casa
CHE program at La Clinica De La Raza in Oakland, California. While there
she coordinated the development and implementation of Federal, State,
County and private health education and promotion grants.  She received her
Masters in Public Health degree in 1989 at the University of California at
Berkeley, School of Public Health.