Project Safe

Cloud 405 Peer Education Resource Room
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Project SAFE is the student peer education component of the projects and programs of the HIV/STI Prevention Studies Office. Our peer educators are involved in a wide range of activities such as safer sex fairs, World AIDS day and Transgender Awareness Day events, staffing a Peer education and Resources Room in Cloud Hall Room 405, and the projects of Community Leadership Training and Transgender VOICES Transgender RIGHTS.

A Project SAFE club is supported by the CCSF Interclub Council of the Associated Students (A.S.). The club supports students in the above and/or other activities as determined by elected club officers, club members, and the faculty advisor under the bylaws of the A.S.

Cloud 405 Peer Education Resource Room provides safer sex supplies, information and referrals for HIV/STI information, and houses the libraries for the HIV/STI Certificate Program and the Drug and Alcohol Certificate program, and Project SURVIVE Peer Educators and the Sexual Health Educators Certificate Program.

We have computers and a printer for students' use.
It’s a place to study, connect with other students and hang out.