Gender Diversity Project

The Gender Diversity Project (GDP), formerly Transgender VOICES Transgender RIGHTS, is a service learning project of HIV/STI Prevention Studies at CCSF.

In 2004, the GDP began designing a project to work in service to, and in collaboration with, transgender, gender variant, and gender queer communities at CCSF and beyond. Our mission is to dismantle the stereotypes that perpetuate fear, discrimination, harassment, and violence. Our goal is to work together in support, education, and advocacy projects to ensure the dignity and human rights that we all deserve. Our work is ongoing and emerges from the talent, energy, creativity and commitment of those involved semester by semester.

Our most recent work is the Gender Diversity Project: Resources for Education, now available to view and down load on the links below. It is designed as a tool for use by educators and administrators in college settings as well as community members who find it useful in their particular work.

The Gender Diversity Project: Resources for Education is a two disc package that consists of a DVD with four digital stories (4 minutes each) entitled “Transgender 101,” “Transgender Voices,” and “Choose All that Apply” and “Linking Learning and Action,” created by students, faculty and staff of the project. The DVD also includes a bonus short “Wrong Bathroom” by Shani Heckman, filmmaker and former City College student.

GDP: Resources for Education

The Gender Diversity Project grew out of our work to promote the rights of transgender and gender variant people at CCSF. We hope you find these resources and digital stories useful in transforming your classroom, organization or educational institution

"A progressive and cutting edge national resource for educators about gender and transgender communities."
- Lydia A. Sausa, Ph.D., M.S. Ed., C.S.E., Instructor, City College of San Francisco
Curriculum Development & Training Administrator, Center of Excellence for Transgender HIV Prevention, UCSF.

Facilitator's Guide

Guide (Click to download)

Digital Stories

pissr video1
Wrong Bathroom Transgender 101
voices identity
Transgender Voices

Choose All That Apply

The CD contains a Facilitators Guide that includes detailed background information on gender identity issues, discussion questions and learning activities to accompany the digital stories, tips for facilitating this subject area, and an extensive resource list with web links.

Other GDP resources developed in campus wide campaigns are available to down load.

GDP Brochure
Transgender Friendly Sticker
Transgender Friendly Application

In collaboration with students, faculty and staff of the Graphic Communications Dept, GDP has self-published two books. Both are available for $20.00 each by contacting us…see contacts page.

Peek at Inside Out


and TransTime

List of "Out" LGBTQ faculty and staff at CCSF