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The Health Education Department is committed to educating Bay Area residents and communities, providing resources for work and study in the field of health.  We understand that the health of individuals and communities is determined by the complex interaction of biological, political, economic, social and cultural factors.  We are committed to promoting individual, family and community health, advocating for social justice and the elimination of health inequalities. The Department offers a major, wide range of courses and vocational training programs to meet the needs of diverse students and local communities. 

The Health Education Department provides four vocational certificate programs for students interested in health-related careers.

     *  Certificate in Drug and Alcohol Studies

     *  Community Health Worker Certificate Program

     *  Health Care Interpreter Certificate Program

     *  HIV/STI Prevention Education Certificate Program

We also offer a wide variety of programs and health classes.

*  CPR/First Aid/Safety Training

*  Drugs and Society

*  Health and Aging

*  Health Education and Prevention

*  Hepatitis ABCs

*  Homeless Health Issues

*  Holistic Health

*  Menís Health

*  Metro Health Academy (MHA)

*  Tai Chi

*  Womenís Health

*  And Many More!!!

For a complete list of Health Education Department's classes, click here.

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