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Trinity Ordorna

Trinity Ordona

GLST - 21 Issues in Lesbian Relationships

Tuesdays. 6:30ยท9:30 PM, Jan. 15 -May 20, 2008

James Lick Middle School, Room 102,1220 Noe St. @ 25th

Instructor: Trinity A. Ordona, Ph.D.,, (415) 452-4895


Lesbian Couples. A Guide to Creating Healthy Relationships. by D. Merilee Clunis and G. Dorsey Green, Seal Press, 2005

Healty Relationships

If The Buddha Dated: A Handbook For Finding Love on a Spiritual Path. by Charlotte Kasl, Compass Press, 1999.

Book: If the Buddah Dated: A Handbook for finding Love on a Spiritual Path


The Ethical Slut: A Guide ill Infinite Sexual Possibilities. by Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt, Greenery Press,

I Thought We 'd Never Speak Again: The Road/rom Estrangement to Reconciliation. by Laura Davis, Harper Collins, 2002.

Week 1 Jan. 15
Introduction; Sexualities & Culture(s)

Week2 Jan. 22
Gender / Social Roles and Socialization;

DUE: Self-Intra paper (3 pg. rec. max)
Self-Healing 1: Identifying My Relationship Issues
Emotional Healing through Guided Meditation and Affirmations

Week3 Jan. 29
Love, Romance, Dating & Courtship for Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Trans People
Guest Panel;

DUE: D.A.RE Exercise

Week4 Feb. 5
Decision-Making. Power and Difference in a Relationship (class exercise)
Self-Healing 2: Healing through Journal Writing: Been Here Before"

Week5 Feb. 12
Money, Power and Difference in a Relationship (class exercise)

DUE: Power and Decision-Making Reflection Paper (3 pg. rec. max)

Week6 Feb. 19
Commitment to Self: Singlehood, Solitude & Being Myself in Relationship(s)
Self-Healing 3: Temple of Silence
DUE: Power and Money Reflection Paper (3 pg. rec. max)

Week7 Feb. 25
Sexual Trauma and Its Effects on Self and Relationships with Others
Guest Speakers; Self-Healing 4: Leaving the Pain Behind

SAT Mar. 1
(10:00 AM 5:00 PM, CCSF Ocean campus; extra credit)

Week8 Mar. 3
Sensuality & Sexuality: Giving and Receiving with Honesty & Integrity
Guest Speaker; Self-Healing 5: Cutting Out the Pain

Week9 Mar. 11
Sex for Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgendered People: Guest Speaker
Self-Healing 6: Learning to Love Myself
DUE: Midterm paper (5 pg. rec. max.)

Week 10 Mar. 18
Knowing My Self and Communicating with Integrity (Class exercise)

March 24 -31

Week 11 Apr. 1
Commitment to Other(s): Monogamy and Polyamory: Speaker
DUE: Communication Reflection Paper (3 pg. rec. max)

Week 12 Apr. 8
Talking about Difficult Matters: Sex, Compatibility & Commitment (class exercise)
Self-Healing 7: Forgiveness and Release

Week 13 Apr. 15
Healing a Broken Heart: Recovery & Reconciliation
Self-Healing 8: Loving Kindness, Patience and Acceptance
DUE: 4-Day Free Write Self-Evaluation

Week 14Apr. 22
Inter-racial & Inter-Cultural Relationships & Families: Bisexuality, Transgenderism

Week 15 Apr. 29
Intra-racial & Intra-Cultural Relationships & Families; Bisexuality, Transgenderism

Week 16 May 6
Aging for Singles & Couples (Speakers)
Self-Healing 9: Sending Out My Signal to the Universe

Week 17 May 13
Final Project Presentations

Week 18 May 20
Final Project Presentations

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Mission Statement
Our core values recognize the interdisciplinary nature of the intersection of sexuality, gender- identity, gender, race, class, ability, and age in understanding the LGBT community. Therefore, we believe interdisciplinary approaches to education are critical. Our courses are accesible to all.

Department History
History on the first Queer Studies Department in the U.S.

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