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The student population at City College is as diverse as can be found anywhere. This diversity extends not simply to race, ethnicity, religious identity, and cultural diversity, but includes a multitude of sexualities and ages as well. The Department of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies serves a spectrum of students from all sexual orientations and gender identities. It is not unusual to have age ranges from 17 to 74 in one class or, recently graduated high school students and Ph.D.'s.

City College of San Francisco, a pioneer in the development of the field of queer studies, is among the most hospitable campuses for LGBT students in the country. Governed by a College Board that has featured at least one representative from the community for the last 15 years, CCSF has over 200 out-of-the-closet administrators, faculty and staff. In addition to queer and queer-friendly student services like Counseling and Student Health, there is also a campus club and partnerships with other campus communities organized around race, ethnicity and gender. All CCSF employees are required to take special sensitivity training in a range of issues, including homophobia, racism, sexism, sexual harassment, as well as the rights of the disabled. More and more, students of all sexual orientations and gender identities have found the offerings in LGBT Studies to be important for their future careers as they strive to become more open to San Francisco's incredibly diverse populations.

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Current Classes
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Queer Resource Center
Make friends and find queer activities, volunteer, or just hang out.The Queer Resource Center seeks to empower the lives of LGBTQQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex) students at CCSF by uniting the diverse individuals in the community across gender, race, age, and economic standing, religion, and ability differences. It provides access to a support system of peers and allies and strengthens the LGBTQQI community at CCSF. In addition, the QRC acts as a center of education for and about the queer community through peer-led teachings, workshops, and other such events. The Queer Resource Center is a safe space for queer and transgender students and all, welcoming the opportunity to outreach to its community. Please call us at 452-5723 for more information or come to the Student Union, room 202..

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