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Matt Kennedy

Matt Kennedy in front of the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano, Italy, where the famous Neolithic "Iceman" Utzi is housed.

I have taught at City College of San Francisco since 1994, and began teaching Anthropology 20 one year later. Anthropology 20, the Anthropology of Homosexualities, is one of the few classes of its kind, and perhaps the only one offered at a community college. For that reason among others, it is particularly exciting to teach. Anthropology 20 offers the opportunity to study sexual minorities throughout the world in an open, diverse, and respectful setting. In my classroom, face-to-face or online, I strive for a democratic environment, where all students are valued equally. From there, we explore a wealth of topics, from ritualized homosexuality, to same-sex affection in polygamous societies, the concepts of third, fourth, and fifth gender categories, and the relationship between homophobia and sexism.

Anthropology 20

Week One: Orientation and Getting Started
Week Two: Background to Anthropology
Week Three: The Anthropology of Homosexualities
Week Four: Essentialism and Constructionism
Week Five: Sex and Gender, Part I
Week Six: Sex and Gender, Part II
Week Seven: A Global Perspective
Week Eight: Between Generations
Week Nine: Sacred Drag
Week Ten: Native America
Week Eleven: Courtship, Kinship, and Marriage
Week Twelve: Primatology and Evolution
Week Thirteen: Inventing the Homosexual
Week Fourteen: The Industrialized World
Week Fifteen: Intersexuality
Week Sixteen: Thinking Sex
Week Seventeen: Final



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Matthew's Published Works
In addition to teaching anthropology, I am also a published film historian.

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