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The contest to design the new LOGO for the CIty College of San Francisco LGBT Studies Department has been decided. The winning design which now graces this website and will be used for all LGBT Department literature, letterheads and communication is Patrick Gruwell.

The Department would like to thank all who submitted designs and participated in the competition. A special thank you to Patrica Chytrowski, Lorraine Louise-Leber and Colin Hall of the CCSF Graphics Communications Department staff who all worked tirelessly to produce our competition. We'd also like to thank them and their students in the CCSF graphics class GRPH 68 Prepress Production Laboratory who participated!

The competition was fierce! All designs submitted were amazing and extremely well done, making the judges job selecting only one winner extremely difficult. The final three designs were all unique and special in their own way, and it is a shame we had to pick only one.

The winning designer is Patrick Gruwell,



"My intentions for this project was to create a mark for the LGBT department that reflected its history while maintaining its inherent vitality and radiance. My palette for the mark consisted of the six traditional colors of the LGBT community. I found that the application of these pigments were most successful using watercolors. The liquidity of the media mirrored the vitality of the colors, which in turn, resulted in a dynamic application. Quick strokes on porous paper actuated this energy into a usable graphic form for the department. The mark still seems to “Pop” long after the colors have dried. "

LGBT Department Log, Rainbow Flag.

Patrick Gruwell is a second year Graphic design student at CCSF with plans to receive his certification at the end of the 2008 Spring semester. He is anxious to join the workforce by doing meaningful design that has a purpose beyond "getting people to buy stuff". Patrick's hobbies include Sunday runs through Golden Gate Park and riding his motorcycle along California Highway 1. When not doing schoolwork or eating his wife's fantastic cooking, Patrick can be found sleeping on the couch with his dog, Blue.


Congratulations Hannah Day Runner Up in the LOGO Design Contest!

"I chose to use a golden yellow circle to express the idea of a source of light, a beacon, a guide for all who seek and enjoy the power possessed and shared by this department. Its circular shape links the mark to time and timelessness simultaneously, which recalls the special history of this department and its valuable place within the greater context of the GLBT community. The typeface used stands upright and proud while exhibiting organic modulation in its strokes, showing evidence of the hand and contributing to its human feel. The letters are set in lowercase to express a welcoming accessibility. Overall, the design seeks to communicate a source of power within the natural landscape.

It was a pleasure working with Terrilynn & Ardel and learning more about this special department, as well as working with my classmates, Eric and Patrick, alongside whom I am proud to have been considered." Hannah Day

View Hannah's Inventive Design Here with Adobe Acrobat!



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