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Placement Recommendation in Spanish

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Students with a previous background in the study of Spanish (in high school, another school or college, etc.) may now take an online placement test in Spanish, and receive e-mail notification of which Spanish course they should best enroll in at City College. In addition, based on the placement result and after consultation with the test advisor, the student may sign up to earn extra units based on the previous study. Thus, if you had, for example, two years of high school Spanish with good grades, you take the placement test and talk to the advisor. If the test and advisor recommend you enroll in Spanish 2, you take that course and upon completion of Spanish 2 with a grade of A or B, City College will award you units for both Spanish 1 and 2 (five units per course for a total of ten units). You can only receive placement credit for one course.

Here are the procedures:


Log-on to the internet site of the placement test from any internet-connected computer-you can take the test in the CCSF Language Center, second floor of the library if you like. It should take no more than 30 minutes.


Click here to begin:



Next, type in the password: california1 (state name and the number one, lower case)


Then follow the directions to take the test.

After taking the placement test, you will AUTOMATICALLY receive an e-mail with your result. YOU MUST PRINT OUT THIS EMAIL AND BRING IT WITH YOU TO SEE THE SPANISH ADVISOR. Mr. Alan Paul, in Arts 203A, is available by phone at (415) 239-3766. You will need to complete a form so that we know you want us to grant the credit for previous study upon completion of your CCSF Spanish course.

You may earn the same number of units for previous study that you earn for the Spanish course you enroll in, i.e., if you take a three-unit course successfully, we grant the previous three units; if you take a five unit course, we grant the previous five units.

There is no charge to the student for the extra units.

The CCSF Foreign Language Department thanks the Language Center and the Office of Matriculation for their support in operating this pilot program.

Last updated: 12/03/2007

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