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Why Study Italian?

Italian is a language option that is growing in popularity. Majors in music, art, history, political science, and even economics find that Italian offers a great alternative to the French and Spanish they studied in high school. Students with Italian origins take up the language to be able to speak with their grandparents and explore family identity. Many students who took some Latin in high school choose Italian as the closest living language to Latin. And romantics everywhere want to add Italian to their vocabulary.

Students also study Italian in preparation for careers in translating or interpreting, in research, in the arts, in government and other social and public services, and in international banking and business. Knowledge of one or more foreign languages, joined to training in another discipline, whether it be the arts, humanities, science, or the social sciences, significantly widens intellectual and future professional opportunities Italian is a suitable subject for study in conjunction with an extremely wide range of other disciplines, from other modern languages and Linguistics, through English, Latin, Music, History of Art and Philosophy, to History, Geography, Politics and Economics. In addition to teaching, translating and interpreting, the fields in which people qualified in Italian are needed include the fine arts, music, archaeology, museum work, librarianship, journalism, broadcasting, the Civil Service, international law, EU organizations, industry, commerce, banking, insurance and tourism.

Italian is a particularly rewarding language to study; it is easy enough in the early stages for the student to make himself/herself understood and to pass quickly on to the reading of printed matter, while advanced work reveals subtleties which engross the most sophisticated linguist. Italian is also the key to an exceptionally rich culture which has been especially important since the thirteenth century because Italy's unparalleled achievements in literature, philosophy, science, politics, music, cinema and the visual arts have done more than any other national tradition to help shape the cultural heritage of the Western world as a whole.

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