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Fashion Show 2003

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One of the most glamorous and important nights for City College's Fashion Department, took place on May 14th at RubySkye in San Francisco.

Provocouture, the second annual Spring Fashion Show attracted a crowd of 900 fashion lovers and raised over $7000 for the Fashion Department. Underwritten by Macy's, several CCSF departments collaborated to produce a star studded evening.

The Fashion Department provided the clothes and show production, Ed Hamilton's Culinary Arts Department made the delicious hors d'oeurves, Steven Brown's Retail Floristry students created exquisite flower arrangements.Special thanks go to Andrea Speraw of Vocational Education for paying for the printing of the show's collateral materials and to Kathleen Alioto of College Development for handling the proceeds and for her ongoing support.

Under the expert direction of instructor Natalie Smith, Hands-On Productions, the "fictitious" production company of the students in her Fashion Show Production class, produced
a professional fashion show that showcased the design talent of CCSF's fashion design students. Their collections bore all the hallmarks of professionalism and innovation.

Individualism and diversity were high on the agenda, showing skilled cutting techniques and attention to detail, coupled with imaginative styling and color mixes. Many students played with the proportion and volume of garments, while others used bright colors and striking prints to make a statemnt. Kimono detailing worked its way into many of the garments.

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