Spring '14 English Electives

Literature Electives

ENGL 30B.001    American Literature, 1865-present   
TR 10:10-11:25    HC 202

ENGL 46A.001    Survey of Lit in English, Part 1   
MWF 10-11    BATL 513

ENGL 52.001    Shakespeare               
Davis Martin   
TR 11-12:30  BNGL 714

ENGL 58    Contemporary Women's Writing       
MWF 11-12    HC 205
Humanities Electives

Hum 12: Music, Art, Lit (Modern) meets Tuesday afternoons from 3:10 to 6:00PM, taught by Prof. Jean Sieper. Arts 218.
Hum 12: Music, Art, Lit (Modern) meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:40 to 1:55PM, taught by Prof. Jean Sieper. Arts 314.
Hum 12: Music, Art, Lit (Modern) meets MWF from 12:10 to 1:00PM, taught by Prof. Barbara Scrafford. Arts 217.

Hum 48: African-American Music, Art, and Literature MWF 9:10-10:00, taught by Prof. Jessica Nelson-Lundy. Arts 218.

Creative Writing Electives

ENGL 14.501    Literary Magazine (Forum  
Brych Sullivan / Young
  W 6:40 – 9:30    Arts 310

ENGL 35A.001    Introduction to Writing Fiction       
Tue 6-8:50    MIC 276

ENGL 35A.002    
 Introduction to Writing Fiction    
Brych Sullivan   
TR 12:40-1:55    Art 316

ENGL 35C.001    
Introduction to Writing Poetry     Hren        R 6-8:50        MIC 276
Reading/Writing Skills Electives

ENGL  16.001   Academic Writing Workshop
Miles  T R  11:10-12:25PM    BNGL   703

ENGL  17.001   Writing Workshop for Engl 1A

Miles T R  01:10-02:25PM 01/10-05/23   BATL  551

ENGL  17.002   Writing Workshop for Engl 1A
Buckley  M W   11:35-01:00PM 01/10-05/23    BNGL 716

Advanced Reading
Zarubin T R 09:40-10:55AM BNGL 715
Minkowski  M 6-9:40 01/27-05/19 (late start) BTML 511

ENGL  26.001   Study & Use of English Grammar
Denney  T R  11:10-12:25PM   BATL 411
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