CCSF English Pathways

  • Are you taking college English classes for the first time? 
  • Have you taken English courses elsewhere? 
  • Have you taken a placement exam? 
  • Have your English courses taken elsewhere been considered in your placement? 
  • Are you ready for transfer-level English courses? 

Meet with a college counselor or advisor to determine your course level placement and eligibility.  Students who need out-of-state transfer courses evaluated, such as a 1A-equivalent course, or would like to challenge their placement should see the English Eligibility Coordinator (Batmale 514). Regardless of course level, take full advantage of your lab, learning assistance, counseling, and college success support services.  Remember, English courses K-1A have a lab component, some of which may be handled through distance ed. options.  Talk to your teacher!

Course Placement Consider this . . . Enrich your pathway!
K Do you need guidance pronouncing and understanding words and sentences? If you have time, take these classes together along with college success classes.
L Do you want to improve your vocabulary and get more out of your reading?
9 How about focusing on understanding what you read and the various ways that paragraphs are shaped? Take a speech class with 9 to improve your organization skills and audience awareness.
91 Have you written few if any essays in school? Is it hard to organize your ideas and write about your reading? Do you guess whether or not a sentence is written correctly or a paragraph is organized well? Here’s your chance to take what would have been 9 and 90 together but as one 6-unit class with a modified lab component built into the schedule.  If you want lots of class contact and integrated reading-writing support, take 91.
(formerly 95X)

Have you passed 90 or 91?  Are you more ready to explore active reading and thesis-support writing and go deeply into a course theme?  Successful completion of this class will also mean that you will be eligible to take 96 or the accelerated 961A. Get ready for a deep exploration of an issue by following a driving question in this 6-unit accelerated course.  

93 Are you ready to learn more about argumentation and push deeper into academic writing and critical reading? How about taking English 8, 19, or 26 along with 93?  Perhaps you could put your 93 skills to great use in a speech, humanities, women’s studies, or IDST class!
96 Are you ready to read and write much more in order to do well in English 1A, the next course in the English sequence--and a graduation requirement? How about taking English 16 to enhance your 96 progress and eventual transfer-level writing?  Of course, 8, 19, or 26 go well with 96.  Put your 96 skills to great use in other courses requiring writing!
961A Your 96 placement makes you eligible to take this 6-unit intensive course in the accelerated pathway. Successful completion of this class will also mean that you have fulfilled the English 1A graduation requirement. As with 9293, get ready for an even deeper exploration of an issue by following a driving question in this 6-unit accelerated course.  

1A Are you ready to read and write more complex arguments and integrate more sophisticated research? This course is also a graduation requirement.

If you need a bit more help succeeding in English 1A/1B/1C, take 26 to strengthen your grammar, 19 to strengthen your reading, and/or 16 to focus on your composition needs. 

If you want to read more literature or try “creative” writing, you are eligible!

Review your transfer requirements!

Would you prefer to take 1A, 1B, or 1C online?

1B If you have completed 1A, then you are eligible for 1B and 1C.  In 1B you will write critically about fiction, poetry, and drama.  In 1C you will focus on nonfiction, expanding your critical writing style, argumentation skills, and research strategies.
8 Interested in an elective that will take you deeper into the history and evolution of words? Wouldn’t this be a great class to take with other English classes helping you to expand your vocabulary?
16 Do you need more of a workshop setting to gain more control over what you’ve been introduced to during the composition sequence?  If you need more specialized attention in order to be more successful in your professional life and/or your university-parallel composition classes, take 16 with 19 or 26, or take it before or with 96/1A/1B/1C.
19 Have you completed 9 or 91or placed into a higher English course? How about taking a class that will advance your critical reading abilities? This is a great class to take when you want to work more intensely on your reading skills.  It is also a great companion to 16 or 26, and it is really great to take before 96/1A/1B/1C, the humanities courses, and the literature electives.  Since this is a reading class, imagine how well it could go with your other courses: history, film, sociology . . .
26 Would you like to focus on grammar to improve yourself academically and professionally? Many students find that this class helps them succeed in 93/96/1A/1B/1C, creative writing and literature electives.  Even better—take 26 and 16 at the same time to boost your mechanics and idea development!
35 Have you ever tried creating your own literary masterpiece? Would you like to try writing a “creative” work while helping others in the process? While the writing done in other English classes also takes creativity, the English 35 classes enable you to build on the skills acquired in your reading and writing classes—and elsewhere—to produce your own literature.
Literature Electives Are you eligible for English 1A?  Do you want to read, study, and discuss literature in a range of cultural and historical contexts? If you’re considering majoring in English at CCSF or elsewhere, take advantage of our literature electives.  Take more than one, and look for ways to connect the literature, as well as ways to build on the contexts explored in your other college courses.


The English Department offers two intensive 6 unit courses that will allow students to complete two courses in one semester.

English 961A      6 units    6 hours per week

Prerequisite:  Eligibility for English 96

College-level reading assignments. Practice in developing and writing formal essays and pursuing research, critical analysis, and lines of inquiry. Each section of English 961A will be developed around a central question driving class inquiry and research.  (See each section in the schedule for the central question for that class.)

English 961A is an intensive course that combines two semester-length courses (English 96 + 1A) into one. Students are advised that the work load in this class is very challenging and time-consuming and requires students to meet university-level learning outcomes..

 Students will enroll in the 3 unit English 96 course designated for English 961A. They will get their add code from the instructor for the linked Learning Community section of English 1A the second week of classes..

English 9293 (95X)        6 units     6 hours per week

Prerequisite:  Eligibility for English 92

Intensive pre-college composition and reading. Practice in critical reading, critical thinking, exposition, and argumentation. Each section of English 9293 (95X) will be developed around a central question driving class reading and writing. (See each section in the schedule for the central question for that class.)

English 9293 (95X) is a time-consuming, high intensity course that combines two semester-length courses (English 92 + 93) into one. Students are advised that the work load in this class is very fast-paced, challenging, and time-consuming. In addition to the required 6 hours per week of class time, students should reserve more than 10 hours each week for reading, writing, and studying outside of class. 

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