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On Feb. 28th at 2pm in the conference room, Bill McGuire will offer a personally guided art & architecture tour of the campus (outside of the conference room): all are welcome.


On March 4 the Legion of Honor is hosting College Day: "Bonjour, Monsieur Courbet! The Bruyas Collection from Montpellier" COLLEGE DAY EVENT This College Day event celebrates the exhibition, "Bonjour, Monsieur Courbet! The Bruyas Collection from Montpellier."  This event is free for university faculty, college students, and K-12 educators, with valid ID.  Event includes . . .

  • 1:00 p.m. Lecture by Dr. Lynne Federle Orr, Curator in Charge, European Art, FAMSF

  • Viewing of "Bonjour, Monsieur Courbet! The Bruyas Collection from Montpellier"

  • City College of San Francisco Museum Drawing Class in the Galleries

  • San Francisco State University student exhibit

  • Docents in the Galleries

  • Live Music and More!  Jump to the website!


Jeff Goldthorpe and the Multicultural Infusion Program at CCSF organized an important presentation on February 9: Historical Testimony and Contemporary Conversation led by Civil Rights veterans Jean Wiley and Chude Allen-- on the relevance of the Civil Rights movement to the youth of 2005. 

Jean Wiley first became active in student-led sit-ins by African American college students to desegregate public facilities in Baltimore, Maryland. She later taught at Tuskegee College in Alabama and was active in the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC).

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The City College

of San Francisco

English Department


Spring 2005 

February 59.5

From the Chair--

Thanks to the faculty for the hard work put in during the Fall '04 semester. I am currently working with Dean Smith on an agenda for replacement of the department secretary. And thanks to those who left "holiday presents" for me. I enjoyed them all. John.


Alisa Messer announces the publication of a project she's put a lot of time and energy into as a member of the Academic Senate's Educational Policies Committee. The paper, _What's Wrong with Student Fees? Renewing the Commitment to No-Fee, Open-Access Community Colleges in California_, outlines the Senate's longstanding opposition to tuition fees in California's community colleges, and was adopted unanimously at the Fall 2004 Senate Plenary Session. It provides a sustained discussion of the fundamental principles of open-access higher education and a user-friendly question-and-answer section countering myths and misconceptions often used to promote fee increases. This is likely the most comprehensive discussion of student fees in the community college system available anywhere--and you can get it for free!

      Download the file at



Interested in a hard copy? Let Alisa know at


This issue of the English Department Newsletter has been sponsored by the good people of

Bring your students to Cyberia in Art Ext 265.  Jump to more about Cyberia.  Prepare to be amazed when you see the new Cyberia lab activity sheets!  Amazed. 

Cyberia: It's Cool.



The Writing Lab's Grammar and Composition Strategy workshops are again a huge hit among students!


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Crazyhorse will be publishing three of Alexandra Teague's poems: "Seeing Edward Hopper's Hotel Room," "Houseguest," and "Levels."  For more, jump to Crazyhorse.

Marc Dulman had poetry appear in Paris/Atlantic Magazine in December 2004.


Jump to a near tragic story of a college student and her cell phone.


Daniel Curzon-Brown's literary archives have been provided to the James C. Hormel Collection of the San Francisco Public Library, at its request.  Later this spring, Daniel will appear at the 2005 Jack London Writers' Conference.  His topic is ""How to Write for the Stage."


Kate Swoboda is looking for readers to give feedback on her novel. It's 295 pages (double-spaced) but it has already been proofread for typographical errors. At this point, she's just in search of readers to give feedback on content. If you think you can help, please email







Are you and your students using

 The Lab Page ?


The Writing Lab has recently been fielding questions about the handouts available in the Lab: Who are they for? Can faculty use them in classes? The answers: you and your students, and yes yes yes. Alex and Alisa have been slowly working to update the handouts in the Lab, and they invite you to make good use of them in your classes if you think they will be helpful to your students.


--From Jana Zanetto of ESL--
       Perhaps you remember that last fall, Sharon announced in a department bulletin that Pat Porter and Debbie Van Dommelen from SFSU were offering to present a workshop on making student writers more responsible for their own errors? Now I'm glad to announce that that their workshop will indeed be presented at the end of this month: Monday, February 28, from 2-4pm in Art 302.
      This will be a workshop for teachers of second language college writers: "Promoting Responsibility for Accuracy: Tools for Teachers and Students"by Deborah VanDommelen, Director of the Learning Assistance Center
and Patricia Porter, Professor of English, San Francisco State University.
       This workshop will feature a hands-on discussion of materials and tools to
-- assess/diagnose student writing
-- prioritize and set goals
-- create grammar reference materials
-- develop personalized systems for editing
-- utilize self and peer assessment
-- respond to student work with rubrics for teacher feedback



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In December, Ghislaine Maze and her husband and daughter welcomed Brady to the world.  Congratulations!
In January, Jib Wongprasert and her husband welcomed Nithan to the world.  Wow!

--A public service reminder--

The Cyberia Alternative Cooperative Nursery in Art Ext 265 will be accepting applications for summer session.  Schedule contingent upon classroom and open lab use.  See more babies.


On March 18th, Paolo Sapienza will be hosting a pot luck party at his beautiful home, beginning at 7:30 pm.   Ending...?  Pot?  Luck?  That's a Friday night!  Where?  Here.


A strong scholarly resource on basic skills composition can still be found at  Several of your colleagues have found this very helpful, something that should play a role in our curricular discourse.


. . . Freedom continues--

Chude Allen joined the Freedom Summer project, which sent hundreds of college students, mostly white, to Mississippi to register voters and teach in freedom schools in 1964. She later became an initiator of the women's liberation movement. She is also a poet and writer.  Jean and Chude are both member of the Bay Area Civil Rights Veterans group. You can access their stories on their website  (Click on either Our Stories or Poetry and look for their names, along with those of many others).  If you would like to know more, you can contact Jeff Goldthorpe at 452-5074, at Batmale 212, or at