The English Lab
Rosenberg Library 205

Drop-in Hours (9/2-12/13)

  • Monday-Thursday 9-6
  • Friday 9-1
  • Saturday 10:30-1:30

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The CCSF English Department provides a wide range of lab support to help students at all levels become stronger writers and readers. Most English courses have a lab requirement, some of which can be satisfied through distance-ed options.  What should you do?  Where should you go?  The English Lab offers different ways to interact and different ways to learn, making for a powerful overlap when teachers, students, and tutors understand what is needed and how our lab services, individually and collectively, can address those needs. Use the labs; learn more.

Learn your lab options: tutors, groups, books, and technology!
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is offered by faculty and student (peer) tutors who work one-on-one with you at any stage of the writing process. Tutors focus on patterns of error, help you work through difficult parts of the writing process, and act as readers who provide constructive feedback. Tutors will also help you become a stronger reader!

The English Lab is loaded with grammar, composition, idea-mapping, and reading software, and shortcuts to powerful English web sites--plus wonderful reading skills workbooks.  Lab faculty--and your teacher--will help direct your lab and web activities to help you improve your reading, grammar, research, and essay writing.

The English Lab also offers great writing, reading, and grammar groups!

Amazing technology
awaits you!
Randy Cyberia
Find an abundance of interactive resources at

Become a faster, stronger reader with
Reading Plus

Online Reading Plus 4.0 site code = ccsf
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Rules for Writers and Exercise Central
online exercises, videos, diagnostics, and tutorials!

Ask your teacher or tutor about 
Learning Curve and the Bedford Research Room.

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Poetry Games


Real World Writing with

Thesis Statements

Grammar Boot Camp


Pulitzer Prize Winner Jonathan Freedman

Graphic Novel Influencing Machine

Reading Skills thru Poetry

Sentence Combining

Rock Reading

The WEEKLY Grammar Group *



Buddhist Reading


Writing with Research

Short Fiction about Families

SF Poet Laureate Alejandro Murguia

Integrating Textual Evidence

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*Weekly Grammar Group Schedule: Thursdays 1-2pm in R205A

9/4—Subject & Verb Focus

10/2—Verb Tenses

11/6—Your Choice!

9/11—Editing & Proofreading

10/9—Your Choice!

11/13—Fragments & Run-ons

9/18—Your Choice!



9/25—Subject & Verb Agreement

10/23—More specific verbs

12/4—Advanced Punctuation

10/2—Fragments & Run-ons

10/30—Quotation Punctuation

12/11—Your Choice!