English Labs & Support Services for Spring 2010
City College of San Francisco 

Below is a list of CCSF labs and support services that can help you improve your reading and writing. Most are in the Learning Assistance Center (LAC), on the second floor of the Rosenberg Library (R207), but Cyberia is across campus in Arts Extension 265. Here is the campus lab map.

For a quickview of the open lab and faculty-tutoring hours, jump to this page.  For a view of the three main labs overlap, please jump to this diagram.

The labs are for any student enrolled in an English course.  If you are taking English K, L, 9, 19, 90, 91, or 92, you can use some or all of these labs to fulfill your 16-24 hour lab requirement. Document your work on a lab verification form, and always clarify your obligations with your instructor.

Here's a printable version of the spring '10 English lab options.

Writing Lab tutoring (R207, LAC) is offered by instructor and student (peer) tutors who work one-on-one with you at any stage of the writing process. Tutors help you work through difficult parts of the writing process and act as readers who provide constructive feedback. They will not proofread or correct your essays for you; instead, they will help you develop strategies to improve your writing and to locate and correct your own errors. Be sure to bring a copy of your instructor’s assignment and your textbook.  Grammar tutoring too!

Sessions are drop-in and are limited to 30 minutes per day, up to twice per week. An additional 30 minutes of lab-credit time may be earned for tutor-approved relevant work before or after your session. 

Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am – 6pm; Friday 9am-2pm; Saturday 10:30am-1:30pm
Web: http://www.ccsf.edu/Services/LAC/writelab

Grammar Tutoring: Monday 1-3pm, Tuesday 3-5pm, Wednesday 10am-12pm

The Reading Lab (R207, LAC) has a range of electronic and paper materials to improve your reading comprehension and speed, including specific skills such as making inferences and increasing vocabulary. Try Reading Plus! Try Lexia! Two hours of credit may be earned per day. When the lab is crowded, students in reading classes are given priority.

HoursMonday & Tuesday 9am4:30pm; Wednesday & Thursday 11am-6:30pm
              Friday 9am-12pm; Saturday 10:30am-1:30pm

(Note: class orientations are given priority during weeks 1-3.)

Web: http://www.ccsf.edu/english/readinglab

Reading Groups are an opportunity to read and discuss literature with a small friendly group that meets weekly for 5 weeks and is led by an English instructor.  
Here are the spring '10 reading groups:


For group details, go to this flyer or the Reading Lab's homepage. Sign up by contacting the faculty leaders (email addresses listed in the flyer) or by registering in person at the Reading Lab.

Note: Students in English 9, 19, 90, 91, & 92 are given priority, but all English students are welcome to join the Reading Groups if there are spaces available.

Reading tutoring in the Reading Lab (R207, LAC) offers one-on-one sessions to work on your reading skills and strategies.  If you want to improve your comprehension and comfort, take advantage of this tutoring--regardless of course level or whether you're reading a novel, an essay, an assignment, or a handout. You can even ask questions about about your reading group's literature.  Learn more at the Reading Lab's homepage.

Hours: Tuesdays 11am-6pm,  Thursdays 11am-4pm,  and Fridays 11am-1pm

Cyberia (Arts Ext 265) is the English computer lab/classroom and has grammar and writing software. In Cyberia, lab-credit work must involve integrated technology. Faculty lab monitors will assist you in locating computer-based activities to help you improve your reading, grammar, and essay writing, as well as basic computing skills such as word processing or setting up an email account. Earn up to two hours of lab credit per day for computer-based work, immersing yourself in self-directed writing and reading enhancement and groovy programs. Consult your instructor for guidelines on which activities earn lab credit.

Hours: Monday 1-6pm, Tuesday 2-5pm, Wednesday 2-5pm
              Thursday 11-6pm, and Friday 2-4pm

: http://www.ccsf.edu/english/cyberia

Great news!  The new Mission Campus Learning Assistance Center (Mon-Thurs 9am-6:30pm) and Room 402 at the Southeast Campus also offer Reading Plus, Inspiration, and Write OutLoud, as well as links to the Lab Page's Web Resources. 

Southeast 402 English Lab Hours: Tue 3:30-5:30pm and Wed 12-4pm
Please consult your instructor before using any of the following resources for lab credit:

College Success Workshops (R217, LAC) focus on study skills, learning styles, anxiety, goal-setting, and other strategies that will help you succeed in English and your other courses. Sessions are one hour; pick up a schedule at the LAC front desk for dates, times, and topics.

Limit: 4 hours of workshops for lab credit per semester.  Check with your instructor.

The Learning Assistance Center Computer Lab (R207, LAC) has grammar and writing software, including Plato, American Accent, and Focus on Grammar, as well as Web and email access and word processing.  Use the Lab Page's Web Resources.

Limit: One hour of lab credit per day (with “reflective” lab verification form).
Web: http://www.ccsf.edu/Services/LAC/

The Academic Computing & Resource Center (Batmale 301) has word processing software and Web and email access.

Hours: See http://www.ccsf.edu/Services/ICL1/

The Media Center (R403, Library) contains a range of video and audio lessons designed to help students improve their punctuation, grammar, reading, and composition skills.

Limit: Four-hour credit limit per semester.

Internet Alternatives (on or off campus): Instructors may designate specific Internet sites for earning credit and methods for verifying student work on these sites. See The Lab Page, and consult your instructor before using the Internet alternatives for credit.