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English technology
Come to the CCSF English Department's centralized reading and writing center, the English Lab, in Rosenberg Library 205 (R205), a place where English students at all levels can become stronger writers and readers.

Drop-in Hours (9/2-12/13)
Monday-Thursday 9-6
Friday 9-1
Saturday 10:30-1:30
(The lab is closed on holidays and non-class days.)
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There are also non-computer stations for quiet collaboration and independent study.  We strive to provide different ways to interact and different ways to learn, making for a powerful overlap when teachers, students, and tutors understand what is needed and how our lab services, individually and collectively, can address those needs. English technology The English Lab offers writing and reading tutoring, writing, reading, and grammar groups and workshops, a wide range of reading workbook activities, and an even wider range of software and Web sites--all designed to make students stronger readers, writers, and critical thinkers.
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