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Open Source (Free) Software

Open-source software is software that is not only free but also modifiable by any programmer. For a full definition of open-source software, visit

CCSF English instructors recommend these free (or inexpensive) open source alternatives to components of Microsoft Windows.

OpenOffice Logo
OpenOffice: A fully-featured office suite compatible with leading office products. It contains a word processor, spreadsheet, presentations, and a database that can be downloaded separately or as a suite. Their Writer program is compatible with Microsoft Word!!
ReadPlease Logo
ReadPlease: This text-to-speech program allows you to hear what you're reading on the computer screen. ReadPlease 2003 is a free version that never expires. ReadPlease Plus 2003 has a free trial period of 30 days, after which you may purchase a registration code to unlock the software. This download includes both versions of ReadPlease.
Google Docs

Google Docs & Spreadsheets: Formerly Writely, this free Web-based word processing and spreadsheet program keeps documents current and makes collaboration easy.

Freemind Freemind: Like Inspiration, this mindmapping program enables you to connect ideas and images when brainstorming, planning, and creating your projects.
AbiWord: This open source word  processor can read and write all industry standard document types.  It's very simple and useful, but save your work as .doc or .rtf.
Nvu Logo

Nvu: A free Web-authoring program comparable to Frontpage and Dreamweaver.

SoftwareFor Logo
SoftwareFor: An "office" group especially for "starving students."
FireFox Logo

Firefox: This Web browser offers excellent performance and security.

Thunderbird Logo
Thunderbird: An email program with intelligent spam filters, quick message search, and customizable views.

Zoho: At Zoho you'll find an entire suite of Web-based tools for writing, collaborating, and presenting.

Writeboard Logo

WriteBoard: A sharable, Web-based application for collaborating on documents.

file hippo
File Hippo: Find a wide range of free programs ranging from anti-malware to audio to file-sharing.

Wikispaces Wikispaces: Collaborative essays, group study guides, online lesson plans, and classroom notice boards can come alive here.

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Last updated: January 3, 2007
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