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Planning and Writing

Beginning a writing assignment can be very intimidating, whether you have been given a topic or have to find one on your own. You've probably noticed this while browsing Cyberia's Web Resources for Planning and Writing. At some point, though, you simply have to start. The first thing to understand about writing is that it is a process with a series of steps, not a one-shot deal where the writer sits down and cranks out a final product in one sitting.

Watch the following videos to feel more comfortable entering the Cyberia Activity Guide's Planning and Writing Layers of Learning, listed below. As the layers are developed, links will become active.

  • Prewriting & Brainstorming
  • Forming a Thesis
  • Planning & Outlining
  • Drafting
  • Introducing & Concluding
  • Forming Topic Sentences
  • Strengthening Paragraphs
  • Giving & Getting Feedback
  • Revising
  • Proofreading
  • Learning from Sample Essays
Process As ProductWatch Valuing Process As Product

In this video, Julie Young, another CCSF English instructor, describes her approach to her own writing as a 'brain dump'. Instead of beginning with a thesis or brainstorming, she describes beginning with a narrative, using what is sometimes called a 'top-down' rather than a 'bottom-up' approach to writing.

Watch Writing from the Top Down

In this video, Craig Kleinman of CCSF talks about the process of planning and writing. Whether it's an in-class writing or a longer research project, entering an essay, forming a thesis, shaping support, visualizing essay, and overviewing the writing process does not have to be scary or complicated or a drag.

Watch Finding a Simple Writing Process

"Writing is never done; it's only due."

Last updated: April 15, 2007
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