Please respond to whatever you can in this Cyberia Activity Guide"Layer of Learning" template.  Pick a Guide topic, type your ideas inside of each cell, and then save your work. Please return your work to  If you have paper materials that you feel could be revised into multimedia documents, please bring them to Batmale 524.  Thank you.

Cyberia Activity Guide Topic = ___________________________

A helpful image might work well here.  Any ideas? Insert a brief paragraph of text about the topic.  Consider what you've seen  CCSF students deal with in relation to this topic. What do you think teachers would appreciate seeing in this opening? Engage users, and keep it simple.


"The following targeted Web sites* offer several helpful representations that should help you learn more about . . ."

link to "learning" website 1
link to "learning" website 2
link to "learning" website 3
link to "learning" website 4

Look for these sites in our vast list of Web Resources; if you find a site that should be in the Web Resources, let us know.

How about a link to an informational Powerpoint show or a handout here?

Teacher video (of you, perhaps)? Do you have an idea for 1-minute movie that would help students and teachers cultivate their understanding of the subject?
In this column you will take students from the informational grounding just provided to more interactive learning.  Begin here with a very brief paragraph about vital considerations student should make when trying to "do" this skill.  What advice might other teachers appreciate at this stage?

How about a helpful ___ handout to help "do it"? Find one in your files or create one to be linked here.

Several CCSF-endorsed computer programs and Web sites could bring more depth to the work you do during __________ by offering you different ways to see and hear the development of your thesis-support essay.

  • Computer Program 1 (In a sentence, promote it and clarify its potential benefit in the context of this topic/skill.)
  • Computer Program 2
  • Link to "Do It" Website 1
  • Link to "Do It" Website 2

If a 1-minute student video were to appear here, what would you like to see the student address?

Do you know of a student who would be able to offer a minute of tips or advice--or even share some frustration--about this topic?

If a 1-minute teacher video were to appear here in the "Do It" column, what would you like to see the teacher address?

Do you know of a teacher who would be willing to offer a minute of "Do It" tips or advice--or even share some frustration--about this topic?