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Guiding Your Students with an Online Syllabus

There are many benefits to providing students with an online course description and calendar. Besides serving as a wonderful storehouse for linked assignments and providing an easily revised student guide, an online calendar gives teachers another way to connect with students outside of the classroom (and eliminate the "I lost my syllabus" excuse). Sure, electric will be burned, but some trees will be saved in the process.

Since students connect with their materials in different ways, teachers can use an online course calendar to help with that connection--in the context of the course--and direct students to relevant programs, such as the ones used in Cyberia, and Web sites, such as those linked from the Cyberia homepage. Ideally, a course homepage that students can reference at home or in a lab will enhance their technological comfort and focus and their understanding of classroom-lab relationships.

View an example of an online syllabus with integrated lab activities and course assignments. online calendar

Convert your Microsoft Word syllabus into an online syllabus.


Here's how to reformat your syllabus and make it accessible to your students.



In order to put your Web document on the Internet for others to see, you'll need to transfer or upload it to your CCSF "fog" server space. Learn how by using ftp and telnet (unless you're housing it elsewhere).





You'll need an html editor to create your online syllabus. Here are three resources to help you get started:

  • If you want to use Dreamweaver, jump to the Dreamweaver tutorial site.
  • If you want to use Frontpage, Vic Fascio of CCSF's TLC has produced a series of Frontpage handouts.
  • If you want to use the free open source web authoring program NVU, here is a good tutorial with movies.



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