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The following Web resources have been carefully selected by CCSF English instructors to help you with various aspects of grammar and mechanics.

Need to diagnose your grammar skills? Jump to Anker's Real Writing Exercise Central diagnostic or Prentice-Hall's diagnostic or Hacker's diagnostics.

How about some helpful online tutorials to clarify your grammar needs?

While sites such as Exercise Central offer great activities and guidance, please remember that the English Lab offers weekly grammar and mechanics workshops and that our tutors are always available to discuss grammar issues.

Grammar and Mechanics Resources

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For one-on-one tutoring and grammar workshops, go to the Writing Lab.
Detailed Explanations

At some point in the lives of many students, grammar and punctuation rules have been either confusing, overwhelming, or beyond boring. But when you take the time to understand the logic of the rules and the creative and communicative possibilities opened up by seeing the "grammar light," a rule can become cool. The following resources offer detailed explanations and representations of grammatical and mechanical standards.

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Practice Exercises

Once you have a working understanding of a specific area of grammar and mechanics, it is important to reinforce and build upon what you have learned. Two great ways to accomplish this is by identifying the rules put into practice by published writers and by putting the rules into practice yourself in your own essay writing. Another productive way to reinforce your comprehension of the rules is by using online exercises, many of which provide instant feedback. The following exercises sites may prove helpful, provided you sincerely review and analyze your wrong and right answers. Also, be sure to refer back to your handbook and explanatory grammar sites so that you avoid taking wild guesses during the exercises. Remember, you are not in a race.

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Helpful Handouts

Whether they admit it or not, even the most technically skilled students and teachers use a handbook to verify their grammatical and mechanical choices. After all, that is probably why they are so technically skilled, so follow their example. If you are online and also writing an essay, you may find the following resources great for quick reference and clarification.

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Additional Sites

The following Web resources should help reinforce the skills and strategies explored above.

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