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Drop-in lab hours with Cyberia technology are held in
the new English Lab in Library 205
Learn more at The Lab Page

All Hail Cyberia

What is the Cyberia classroom?

Cyberia in Arts Ext 265 is the English Department’s computerized classroom providing students with access to technology-based composition, grammar, reading, and research tools. In other words, Cyberia is a place where technology, teaching, and learning converge, a place where innovative teaching practices are shared, a place where technology can make learning more resonant. 

Cyberia is a busy place, so jump to the Cyberia Google calendar to see what's happening. Who knows?  Maybe your class is meeting there today!

What is the English Lab?

The CCSF English Department now has a centralized reading and writing center, The English Lab, in Rosenberg Library 205 (R205), a place where English students at all levels can become stronger readers and writers. Learn more at The Lab Page!

The English Lab offers support with reading, writing, and critical thinking by providing different ways for students to interact with a wide range of learning resources:

  • tutoring
  • reading groups
  • composition and creative writing groups
  • grammar groups
  • computer software
  • workbook activities
  • non-computer stations for quiet collaboration and independent study

How To Get Started in a lab, especially with technology . . .

Your instructor is your best resource for direction. Bring your course syllabus, current assignments, and examples of your work with your teacher’s comments so the lab monitor can help direct you to the most useful programs and tools. Resist the mindset of "I just need more lab hours"; push more into finding ways to enhance the classroom-lab relationship and, thus, your learning. Try this lab guide.  Use the Web Resources, Activity Form, and Activity Guide to learn more about the programs and web links for reading and writing practice to support your classwork. See and hear what people are saying about teaching and learning in Cyberia. 


Cyberia I is located on the Ocean campus in Arts Extension 265, across campus from the Writing and Reading Labs but close to many English classrooms.  For further information about reserved class/lab time, please read the daily class schedule, which is constantly updated. Please also see the Lab Page's open lab schedules for the Writing Lab and the Reading Lab.

Other CCSF English Labs

CCSF labs and support services are here to help you improve your reading and writing!    

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