Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – CREDIT PROGRAM
as offered jointly by the Department of Earth Sciences and the Department of Engineering

Learning Outcomes
Students will develop in-depth knowledge of the fundamental concepts and practice of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and learn hands-on problem-solving skills doing real-world GIS application projects. Students will be able to apply this knowledge and hands-on skills to various fields including, but not limited to, planning, engineering, geography, criminology, real estate, biotech, public utilities, transportation, forestry, ecology, resource management, emergency response, business/marketing.

Requirements for the Certificate of Completion.
Students may obtain the Certificate of Completion in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) by completing the following courses with a grade of C or higher in each course. A minimum of two of the courses must be taken at City College of San Francisco.

Courses Required for the Certificate of Completion in Geographic Information System (GIS)

  • GIS 110 or GEOG 110 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (3 units)
  • GIS 111 or GEOG 111 GIS Analysis and Modeling (3 units)
  • GIS 112 or GEOG 112 GIS Software Technology (3 units)
    Total Units: 9
GIS 110/GEOG 110. Introduction to GIS (3)
Lec-2.5, lab-1.5
A primer course for GIS technology. History, structure, uses, and current trends of GIS, related fundamental concepts, basic query and cartography operations using an industry-standard GIS software such as ESRI’s ArcView™ version 9 or ArcExplorer™. UC/CSU

GIS 111/GEOG 111. GIS Analysis and Modeling (3)
Lec-2.5, lab-1.5
Prereq.: GIS/GEOG 110
Foundational use of GIS software. GIS database design, data collection, sophisticated analysis. Production of professional maps. Interface customization. Hands-on training using industry-standard GIS software (ESRI’s ArcView™ version 9). Introduces Global Positioning Systems (GPS) as they relate to GIS. CSU

GIS 112/GEOG 112. GIS Software Technology (3)
Lec-2.5, lab-1.5
Prereq.: GIS/GEOG 110
Hands-on training in advanced application of GIS technology. Network modeling, linear referencing data model, user interface customization, software customization on ESRI’s ArcObjects™ platform, web GIS using Google Map™ and KML™ mash-up technology. CSU

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