Information about Project SHINE

Project SHINE (Students Helping In the Naturalization of Elders) was initiated at City College of San Francisco in partnership with San Francisco State University in 1997. It is a service-learning program in which CCSF and SFSU students aid adult immigrants in obtaining U.S. citizenship, learning English as a second language and achieving native language literacy. The SHINE experience promotes student awareness of immigrant issues and communities in the San Francisco Bay Area, fosters intergenerational learning and facilitates leadership development.

Project SHINE is also a national initiative that builds partnerships among community colleges, universities and community-based organizations to benefit older immigrants, refugees, and college students. SHINE is coordinated through the Center for Intergenerational Learning at Temple University and is currently being replicated at 18 institutions of higher education in 10 cities across the country. < p>Project SHINE is a part of the Office of Mentoring and Service-Learning at City College.

Information about the SHINE Scholarship

The SHINE scholarship is established by the CCSF SHINE Club, a CCSF Associated Students recognized club. The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage non-credit ESL students to make their transition to credit classes and to support their desire to receive a better education. The CCSF SHINE club reserves the right to make any changes to the scholarship. All decisions by the SHINE Scholarship Committee are final.

This semester, we will award three scholarships as follows:

1st award: $300

2nd award: $100

3rd award: $100
click here for the Shine Scholarship application

Recipients will be presented their award at the Project SHINE Reflection on Friday, November 30, 2012.