ESL Scholarship Fund

The ESL Department sponsors a scholarship program that provides financial awards to deserving students currently enrolled in ESL classes at CCSF. Students who are carrying 12 or more units, who have completed at least one semester of ESL classes at the 130/182 level or above, and who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher can apply for scholarships in the latter part of February of each year.

Applications are available here and from the ESL Department secretary, Batmale 616, and are due in March each year. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement, academic improvement, and financial need. While GPA alone does not determine if a student qualifies for consideration for a scholarship, students should remember that the selection committee does scrutinize each student's academic record as part of the selection process.

ESL Scholarships offer our students a unique opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the benefits that a college education in the United States can provide. In addition to assisting our deserving scholars with financial assistance, these awards offer our ESL students a glimpse of how their dreams can be realized through hard work and diligence. In order to reward more students of such exceptional character and caliber, the ESL Scholarship Committee asks you to contribute to this year’s scholarship program. With your help, many more ESL students will be able to achieve their educational goals.

Tülin Good and Frank Grandits
ESL Scholarship Committee Chairs,
Box L305 and Box L300,
Ocean Campus

Congratulations to our 2018 scholarship winners!
Baowa Li, Arina Ankranova and Ya-chun Hsiao

ESL Scholarships are funded primarily through department and college-wide donations. In addition, periodic book sales, organized by ESL department faculty, help to increase the number of scholarships available. Donations are gladly accepted at any time of the year. Checks should be made out to ESL Scholarship Fund and mailed to Tülin Good, ESL Scholarship Chair, box L305, Ocean Campus.

Our 2018 Scholarship Winners

First place winner Arina Ankranova with instructor Chris Francisco

Second place winner Baowa Li with instructor Thomas McNichol

Third place winner Ya-chun Hsiao with instructor Stephanie Levin