What Is Online ESL?

Many students here at City College of San Francisco are not aware that the ESL Department offers credit online courses. The three courses that have been available online are ESL 140, ESL 150 and ESL 160. The ESL online courses are actually what are known as "hybrid" online courses. Hybrid online means that students work part of the time in the actual classroom and do a large part of the work online. The ESL Department is aware that many of our students have inflexible time schedules, making physically coming to campus several times a week a challenge. With the hybrid courses, students still need to come to class at least once a week, but the actual time in the classroom has been reduced by half. For example, a normal ESL 150 course meets 5 and 1/2 hours a week in the classroom, but a hybrid ESL 150 course will meet only once a week for 2 and 1/2 hours.

These courses may sound great, but they are definitely not for everyone. Students must have a basic knowledge of computers, be able to surf the web, send and open emails, use attachments and have a reliable home computer system. Some students may think these hybrid classes are easier; however, that is not really the case. To be a successful online student, one needs to be very organized, detail-oriented and motivated. It is easy to fall behind if you are not on task, and once behind, it is very difficult to catch up. Also keep in mind these courses aren't for students who already have an overly full schedule of work, school and home. However, if you are the type of student who works well alone, keeps on task, is good at time management, and has time to study but an inflexible schedule, these hybrid courses could work very well for you. Below you will find a list of our courses. Click on the course number to find additional information.


ESL 85
ESL 150
ESL 160


Adv. Editing and Grammar Review
Advanced Academic ESL
High-Advanced Academic ESL




Elma Cabahug
Erin Lofthouse (not available in Fall '12)
Lisa Johnson

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