City College ESL Department

Ocean Campus - Erin Lofthouse, Coordinator

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City College, Ocen Campus
50 Phelan Avenue, 94112

Batmale Hall, rm 516
phone number: 415-239-3427
fax number: 415-239-3668
Batmale Hall, Ocean Campus
Batmale Hall, Ocean Campus

Ocean Campus is the main location for college credit ESL classes at City College, with approximately 220 sections of courses offered each semester, taught by about 80 instructors with about 4,000 students enrolled. Classes are offered from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Saturdays.

Besides the full range of academic writing and reading course levels, popular elective courses include ESL 49 (intensive pronunciation); ESL 66 (advanced academic listening and reading); ESL 69 (accent improvement - a nine-week course for advanced students to reduce their accent); ESL 75 (intermediate editing and grammar review); ESL 85 (advanced editing and grammar review); ESL 79 (advanced speaking/pronunciation - public speaking and communication skills).

Although credit classes are not free, they cost only $46 per unit for California residents.

After getting certificates and college degrees from City College, many Credit ESL students continue with their studies by transferring to universities such as San Francisco State and UC Berkeley.
The Ocean Campus offers many kinds of support for students taking credit classes: complete counseling services, university-size library and Learning Assistance Center, Student Health Center, Scholarship and Financial Aid offices, Transfer Center, and Career/Placement Center. Foreign students have their own counselors. Of course, students can also choose from hundreds of courses and sections in other subjects at the Ocean Campus while taking ESL classes.

For more information, contact:

Erin Lofthouse, ESL Coordinator
Batmale Hall 516, Box 302
50 Phelan Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94112

Phone: 415-239-3427

Or contact the ESL Department desk on the sixth floor of Batmale Hall, Room 616 at the Ocean Campus.
Phone: 415-239-3003

Foreign students (F-1 visa) should also contact the Foreign Students Admissions Office at 415-239-3837
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