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Noncredit ESL Program

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The Noncredit ESL Program offers a variety of free classes:

1) General Noncredit ESL

  • Improves English language skills for immigrants living and working in the United States. Prepares students for further academic work.
  • Nine levels of instruction ranging from Literacy, and Beginning (Level 1) to high intermediate (Level 8).
  • Most classes are 2 hours a day, 10 hours a week and focus on all four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • One-hour a day, five-hour a week classes which focus on a specific skill and intensive non-credit ESL courses are also available.
  • Limited homework. No grades.
  • Students may enroll in more than one class.
  • Classes are offered mornings, afternoons, Monday through Friday, and evenings, Monday through Thursday at seven campuses at many locations in San Francisco.

2) Vocational ESL

  • Improve English for getting a job, improving on-the-job skills or preparing for a specific job field.
  • Types of classes offered include: computers for ESL, ESL office occupations, and communication on the job.
  • Classes are offered morning, afternoon and evening, Monday through Friday at selected campuses.

3) Citizenship Classes

  • Preparation for the citizenship exam.
  • Citizenship classes are offered morning, afternoon and evening, Monday through Saturday at selected campuses.

    How to enroll in noncredit classes:

    1) Location - Choose a campus that is convenient for you.
    Noncredit classes are offered at:
    Alemany Campus 561-1020
    John Adams Campus 561-1835
    Chinatown/North Beach Campus 561-1017
    Downtown Campus 267-6543
    Mission Campus 550-4430
    Southeast Campus 550-4344

    2) Placement Test - Call the campus you are interested in, or go in person to get an appointment for a placement test. Placement tests are offered at various times throughout the semester.

    3) Counseling and Registration - After the placement test, you will have an appointment with a counselor to discuss the classes you want and the times you can study. The counselor will register you into a class (or classes) and tell you exactly when and where to go.

    For more information about the noncredit program call the campus you are interested in, or the ESL Department office at 239-3003.