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Wait lists will be activated when registration begins

Wait list WARNING
The following circumstances will cause you to be dropped from a waitlist:
• A hold on your records
• You do not have the prerequisites
• Registration in another section of the same course.
• The added course will put you over the unit limit. Fall/Spring unit limit = 17. Summer limit = 7.
The system will be unable to register you under these circumstances and will automatically drop you from the waitlist when it tries.

  1. Question: Do all online classes have wait list functionality?
    Answer: NO, only some online courses will have wait list functionality.

  2. Question: How does the wait list work?
    Answer: During the pre-registration period, prior to the start of school, when a wait listed section is full (CLOSED) students will have the choice of being added to the wait list for that course.

  3. Question: How do students select to be on the wait list?
    Answer: On the Add/Drop Classes screen in WebSTARS (see screen shot below) the student will click on the far left pull down menu under “Action[ None ]. A drop down menu appears showing choices of “None and Wait List”. The student will choose “Wait List” then click the “Submit Changes” button at the bottom. Once the student has been added to the Wait List, he/she will look at the far right of the screen at the “Status” column which will indicate “Wait List on XXX date. If any student drops from the course during the pre-registration period and an opening occurs, student will automatically be added from the wait list on a first come, first served basis by date. The wait list function will be turned off when pre-registration ends. If the course has a wait list, the drop down menu will show the "Wait List" option.
  4. Waitlist screen example

  5. Question: How will students know when they have been added to the class off the wait list?
    Answer: Students will be sent an email. It is important that the email address provided to City College during the application process is correct. Students who want to verify their email address can check it in WebStars under the Personal Information --- there is an option to add or change your email address. Students can also check back to Web STARS periodically on the Add/Drop Classes screen to see if the “Status” column indicates “Registered.”

  6. Question: Will students be assessed fees for being on the wait list?
    Answer: NO, students will only be charged an enrollment fee if space becomes available and the student is moved from the wait list into the course and their status changes to “Registered.”

  7. Question: How many students will be allowed to be wait listed for a course?
    Answer: The wait list capacity is setup by the instructor, usually between10 and 25. Once the wait list is full, the “Status” column on the Add/Drop screen will indicate “CLOSED - WAIT LIST FULL”

  8. Question: Can a student be on a wait list and be registered for another section of the same course.
    Answer: Technically,YES; however, if space becomes available the student will NOT be moved from the wait list and registered in the course because the student is already registered in another section of the course. The registration system does not allow a student to register in two sections of the same course. All registration rules apply as if the student was actually trying to register for two sections of the same course. An error message will take place indicating “Duplicate Request.”

  9. Question: Will students on a wait list be automatically enrolled in courses if space becomes available?
    Answer: YES; except under the circumstances listed under the Wait list WARNING on the this page.

  10. Question: Can students be on wait lists for different sections of the same course?
    Answer: Technically, YES; the enrollment system will allow students to add themselves on wait lists for different sections of the same course. However, when the wait lists are cleaned up every night, duplicate names will be randomly purged from the multiple sections and be left on only ONE wait list. It’s better to wait list yourself on the one section that you want.

  11. Question: Will instructors be notified of the students who remain on the wait list after the pre-registration period.
    Answer: YES, the instructors will be sent their wait list prior to the beginning of the first day of instruction. Instructors may use this wait list to add students during the Add/Drop Period. Authorization Add Codes will be required at that time since the wait list function will be turned off.

  12. Question: Can students who register in person request to be put on a wait list?
    Answer: NO, the wait list function must be used online.

  13. Question: Can students check to see where they place on the wait list (first, second, third, etc.)?
    Answer: NO

  14. Question: Who should I call if I have other questions?
    Answer: For questions related to the Wait List or Registration, call Admissions and Records, 415-239-3732. For questions about Online courses, call the Online Office, 415-239-3885.


Updated 05/29/2008