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Is Online Learning for you?

Find out by taking this short survey.Turn off the browser Pop-up Blocker in order to view the results.

1) I would rate my computer skills as:

a) High - I am comfortable with e-mail, web browsing, and word-processing
b) Moderate - I can get by if there is not too much typing or special software
c) Low - I am either a novice computer user or I really don't like using a computer

2) Considering my academic, work, and personal schedule, the amount of time I have to devote to my online class is:

a) 9 - 12 hours per week
b) 4 - 8 hours per week
c) 0 - 3 hours per week

3) When I read:

a) I usually understand the text without help
b) I sometimes need help understanding the text
c) I often need help understanding the text

4) When I am asked to use computers, CD-Roms, DVDs, e-mail or other technologies new to me:

a) I look forward to learning new skills
b) I feel a little nervous but try anyway
c) I feel quite anxious and try to avoid doing it

5) When I receive feedback from an instructor, I prefer:

a) Written comments so that I can pursue and figure out how to apply them to my work
b) Written comments with some oral explanation to clarify points I might not understand
c) I need to talk to the instructor to really understand what I need to do.

6) When an instructor gives an assignment, I prefer:

a) Figuring out the instructions myself
b) Trying to follow the directions on my own, then asking for help when I need it
c) Having the instructions explained to me

7) Face to face contact and discussion are:

a) Rarely helpful to me
b) Sometimes helpful to me
c) Important to my learning

8) How many of the following do you feel comfortable using?
E-mail, word processor, pdf, file management, file attachments, internet browser configuration, general programs and utilities configuration, anti-virus software, download/install new software, hardware/troubleshooting.

a) 7 - 10
b) 2 - 6
c) 0 - 1

9) I need faculty to constantly remind me of due dates and assignments:

a) Rarely
b) Sometimes
c) Often

10) When doing school work:

a) I often manage my time well and always finish assignments early or on time
b) I usually manage my time well and sometimes finish assignments on time
c) I have difficulties managing my time and rarely finish assignments on time

11) My motivation for taking an online course is:

a) High The online delivery method works best for my academic and career goals
b) Moderate The online and face-to-face delivery methods together work best for my academic and career goals
c) Low The face-to-face delivery method works best for my academic and career goals