How To Use WebCT (written especially for CCSF Students)

Online courses offered at CCSF use WebCT. If this is your first time using WebCT, you may want to review the following "how-to" files:

How to Login
How to Send Email
How to Attach a File to an Email
How to Submit an Assignment
How to Attach a File to a Discussion Board Posting

WebCT Technical Support

Here are a few resources to assist you in solving possible technical issues:

1. Check your web browser to ensure that it is compatible with WebCT.

2. Disable Pop-Ups because they can inhibit WebCT from performing properly. If you are unable to view Discussion postings, Quiz windows, and download links, then search your hard drive for any software with "pop-up" in the name and disable it. Or, if your pop-up blocker supports custom lists, add CCSF's WebCT server address ( as a valid site. Some popular Pop-Up killers include Pop-Up Stopper, Pop-Up Defender, and Pop-Up Zapper. You can over-ride most pop-up blockers by holding down the “Ctrl” key when you visit a web page.

3. Firewalls: A personal computer firewall blocks certain ports that may inhibit access to some WebCT functions such as quizzes, discussions, and email. Personal firewall should open ports 4445 and 4567 both inbound and outbound.

4. FAQs for Students contains answers to common questions.

5. Troubleshooting WebCT Problems -- a resource for specific issues.

Using AOL to access your WebCT course
  1. Using AOL, connect to the Internet.
  2. Minimize AOL.
  3. Open a supported browser.

Updated: 8/19/08