How much can I earn in this career?
Entry-level cooks' pay range between $9 and $18 per hour. Assistant managers in restaurants and hotels generally begin around $20,000 to $28,000 per year. Other than in ownership or in corporate positions, the highest paid hospitality position is usually that of Hotel General Manager or Executive Chef, many of whom earn in excess of $100,000 per year. A very wide range of earnings is available between these extremes.

If I already have a college degree, how long will the degree programs take?
The degree programs will still take a minimum of four semesters to complete. However your daily schedule will be shorter if you already have a degree. For instance, instead of attending classes 8 hours/day, you would have classes only 6 hours/day.

Where will classes be held?
Degree programs: Most classes are held at the Department's Statler Wing building on the Ocean Avenue Campus at City College of San Francisco. A few classes are also held at the Downtown Campus and the Southeast Campus. Check the Schedules for Credit Classes for class times and locations.
For non-credit programs: All classes are held at the CCSF Downtown Campus. Check the Schedules for Noncredit Classes for class time and locations.

What time of day are classes offered?
Degree programs: Most classes are held during the day with some evening classes required. Fourth semester requires a fifteen hour per week internship on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During each semester you will also take both general education and CAHS academic courses. Go to Schedules for Credit Classes for class times and locations.
Noncredit program: The Culinary and Service Skills Training Program is held during the day, from 9-3pm, Monday-Friday. Other noncredit class are offered during the day, in the morning and afternoon. Go to the Schedules for Noncredit Classes.

When do classes start?
Degree Programs and credit classes accept students for both Fall and Spring Semester entrance. Fall Semester usually starts the third week of August and the Spring Semester starts the third week of January. Please refer to the Program Curriculum for more information on course requirements.
Noncredit Programs and classes have open enrollment; students are generally accepted throughout the semester. Contact the Downtown Campus Counseling office for more information at 267-6503.

How do I enroll?
Degree programs: You can download an CAHM application or call 415.239.3152 to request an application be sent to you, or you may drop by the office at 50 Phelan Avenue, Statler Wing, room 156 and pick up an application.

Noncredit programs: Go to the Downtown Campus Counseling Office for information or call them at 415.267.6503.

What are the requirements for receiving a degree?
Sixty units of prescribed studies are required to receive an Associate of Science Degree in Culinary Arts, Food Service Management, or Hotel Management from City College, an Award of Achievement and an American Culinary Federation Certificate.

How much money can I expect to spend?
Please refer to Tuition Information for specifics on costs. Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. You may also call the Financial Aid Office at (415) 239-3576.

Culinary Arts Program and Food Service Management Program: In addition to tuition/fees, additional costs include approximately $240 for knives/tools and about $150 for uniforms and work shoes. The cost of books varies, but is often $300+ each semester.

Culinary and Service Skills Training Program: Noncredit classes are free. There may be additional costs for uniforms and knives/tools. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.


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