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All CCSF students have been issued a CCSF Google Mail account which ends in

Important information from your instructor and the school will be sent to this student e-mail account.
It is your responsibility to monitor this account throughout the semester. This includes all communication from online instructors if you are enrolled in an online course.

To log in, go to

This link can also be found on the CCSF home page
Click on the “myCCSF” button in the middle of the page. In the Email section for students, click the link “GMail (CCSF Google email)”

Students can find information about their CCSF GMail address and password by:

   1. Logging on to Web4.
   2. Clicking on the Personal Information tab.
   3. Scrolling down to the Google student email link near the bottom of the page.

For more information on this account, please refer to and the Gmail (Google Mail) FAQ for Students.

You can access your CCSF Gmail account once and then transfer all your emails to any other preferred email - here are the guidelines on how to do it: Directions for forwarding CCSF Google Mail to another account [PDF].