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If you need a Counselor for General Education or transfer information, you need to look for the Counseling Department of City College. The CNIT Department will only offer advising in the CNIT courses and paths.

Classes taken as P/NP will not count as credit towards an A.S. degree or a certificate and instructors cannot change it back to grade.

Your questions might be answered via email, but if an appointment is scheduled for you, make sure you bring a copy of your transcript (the unnoficial transcript will be ok). To print your CCSF unnoficial transcript, you should:

  1. Login to your Web4 account using your student ID and PIN number
  2. Click on the option for Student Services & Financial Aid & EOPS
  3. Click on the option for Student Records
  4. Click on the option for View Your Unofficial Transcript
  5. Click on the Submit button and then print your Transcript

Information you should know about certificates:

  • Certificates are NOT awarded automatically - you need to fill out a form to be delivered at the Conlan Hall E-107
  • It is good to fill out one form for each certificate you are requesting
  • You will need the signature of the Head of the CNIT Department if you need to waive or substitute a course
  • Each semester there is a due date for filling out and delivering those forms

Please contact us with questions about courses, AS degree or certificates, and general inquiries about the CNIT department by filling out the form below.
You can also use Skype if you see that the Skype button below is marking that we are online.

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50 Phelan Avenue
147 Science Hall
San Francisco, CA 94112
Phone (415) 452-5323
Fax (415) 239-3314

Thank you for your interest in the CNIT Department.