MSDNAA Download Instruction


**The following example applies to all listed software**

  1. Click Add to Cart


  1. Click Download

  1. Click Run


  1. Wait…

  1. Click Run


  1. Step 1: Authorization  (Choose a location)

  1. Step 2: Downloading (Wait…)


  1. Step 3: Unpacking (Wait…)

  1. Step 3: Unpacking (Wait…)


  1. Step 4: Launch Install

  1. Click Launch Install





1)      Software is downloaded in ISO format or in a folder with a list of executable files.

2)      If this is an ISO file, burn it to a blank disk (CD-R or DVD-R if is is Vista) using a third party software such as ISO Recorder, Nero burning ROM or Roxio Easy CD Creator.  Select the similar option like “Record Disc from Image."


Note: ISO Recorder is Freeware and can be downloaded from:

and it comes with a tutorial:


Below is a screenshot of the selection you need to make if you use Nero Express :