HOW TO GET McAfee Antivirus Software

City College has a license agreement with Network Associates
( see: for PC and Mac virus programs.

Under the terms of the license, instructors and students are allowed a copy for home use, as long as that copy is not given or sold to another party.

The DAT files are located in CCSF Anonymous FTP server:

Users with active accounts on either FOG or HILLS can download the programs by following these instructions:

For PC's:  Open your Mozilla Firefox or Safari browser (I..E. doesn't seem to work anymoreand enter in  the URL:

 REPLACE flast01 with the login you have received for hills. So if your login is jdoe01 you will type

You will have to enter your password and then you will download the program which is compressed. Once uncompressed, run Setup.exe and make sure to choose the perpetual option when prompted to the choice of license. You will have the latest MacAfee anti-virus software installed. And it will update automatically with the latest DAT file on a weekly basis.

For the MAC, Open your browser and enter the URL

 REPLACE flast01 with the login you have received for hills.

Below is the download agreement:

Installing this software constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the license agreement. Please read the license agreement before installation. Other rules and regulations of installing this software are:

a. The product can not be rented, loaned or leased - You are the sole owner of the product.

b. The customer shall not disclose the results of any benchmark test to any third party without McAfee's prior written approval.

c. The customer will not publish reviews of the product without prior consent from McAfee.