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The programs offered by the CCSF Child Development and Family Studies Department include:
California Early Childhood Mentor Teacher Program
Provides a system of teacher and director mentoring in the field of early childhood education in San Francisco. For more information about services the California Early Childhood Mentor Teacher Program provides call (415) 452-5600 for Statewide Information or call Sheila Norman at (415) 452-7004 or at
Child Development Centers
Child Care and Development Centers serve CCSF student - parents and other families and their children and provide practicum training sites for students:
  • Orfalea Family Center at the Main Campus - Preschool and Toddler
  • Orfalea Family Center at John Adams Campus - Preschool and Toddler
  • Mission Child Development Center at the Mission Campus - Preschool
  • Grace Child Development Center - near the SE Campus - Preschool
  • Bernal Child Development Center - Bernal Heights - Preschool
  • Rocky Mountain Parent Participation Nursery School - Castro - Preschool
Child Development Training Consortium
Supports training and professional growth by offering tuition reimbursement for those working in the field. Also provides reimbursement for the cost of obtaining the child development permit. More information about services the Child Development Training Consortium provides can be obtained at For information about class reimbursement at City College of San Francisco call (415) 452-7004.
Credit Courses in Child Development and Family Studies
A full range of credit course work featuring 85 sections of courses on child development topics, leading to an AA with a major in Child Development, or certificates in various interest areas. Courses are offered during the day, evenings and weekends at most of the CCSF sites throughout the City. Course and schedule information can be obtained by calling (415) 239-3172, or through the schedule of classes at CCSF.
Family Child Care Training Program
Courses, resources and services specifically for family child care providers are available through the department. Support for current and future child care providers is available at:
Foster and Kinship Care Education Schedule of Classes
Classes for foster parents offered in the community in collaboration with the San Francisco Department of Human Services. Information about foster parenting can be obtained by calling the San Francisco Department of Human Services Foster Care & Adoption Hotline at (415) 558-2200 Information can be obtained by calling (415)239-3172. FOSTER & KINSHIP CARE EDUCATION CLASS SCHEDULE
A service-learning project offered in partnership with San Francisco State University. Students receive stipends, experience and credit for working in SF preshools. For more information, contact:
For enrollment information, see: or call (415) 452 7000
Lactation Center
The Child Development & Family Studies Dept. operates Effie's Room in the Orfalea Family Center (OFC 200) on the Main Campus. The room provides access to new moms who need to use a private lactation area. Baby-changing facilities, a refrigerator and privacy are available during the day. The area is open on a first-come, first serve basis during the school year or by monthly reservation and is generally open between 9-4 daily. Funded by the Orfalea Foundation, the lactation center provides support to new breast-feeding moms who are working or attending school. Employees and students are invited to use the facility. Questions on usage can be directed to Maria Chu at 452-5905.
Parent & Infant and Parent & Child Classes
Adult education classes designed for parents and children at 15 sites throughout the City. Enrollment information can be obtained by calling 415 452-5905 or 239-3172 or by viewing the list of classes.
Parenting in the Business Community
Classes for working parents at selected business sites.
Special Needs Project (pdf File download)
We believe that all children deserve an equitable education and we strive to help make that a reality by offering high-quality coursework and support for special educators.The Special Needs Program offers integrated and content-specific coursework to professional early childhood and K-12 educators with the vision of more effectively teaching and supporting children with exceptional needs and their families in San Francisco.
Positive Parenting Classes
Classes for meeting court mandated parenting education requirements.
Safe Start
Violence prevention training program and certificate for early childhood professionals. For information on Safe Start in San Francisco and the Safe Start Campaign visit
San Francisco Child Care Facilities and Demographic Information
The Child Care Facilities Fund of the Low Income Investment Fund sponsors a site that maps all child care facilities in San Francisco. Dempgraphic information on San Francisco child care facilities are available at this site.
School-Age and Youth Worker Program
School-Age and Youth Worker Program: Individuals interested in becoming school-age or youth workers in after school or recreational settings are encouraged to enroll in courses leading to the Youth Worker Certificate. Additional courses for youth workers can be found in a variety of departments, inculding Health Education and IDST.
Suggested City College of San Francisco Courses For School-Age and Youth Workers
SF Early Childhood Professional Development Project
A resource & support center designed to assist early childhood professionals with career, permit, coursework, & employment information.
Teacher Prep Center
Individuals interested in becoming K-12 teachers can receive advising, pathway and transfer support, resources and information on related activities including, mentoring, Future Teachers Club, field experience opportunities and specific course offerings for future teachers. SFSU courses offered at the CCSF campus in related areas are available, as are advisors and counselors. Call (415) 239-3890.
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